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Around Casa De Nuggets food is a big deal. Okay so food is probably a big deal at any house with kids or say humans in it, so we don’t corner the market on trips to the market. We do however really dig the nosh around here. So much so that Lil Nugget #2 was once nicknamed the “Remorseless Eating Machine”. On one occasion, when she was about four years old, we had the wait staff -and several customers from surrounding tables- gathered near our table in awe as she downed not only a grown-up serving of steak, but shrimp from their “barbie”, a few morsels left by others at the table and washed it down with some sort of chocolate concoction named after a weather event.   Oh but don’t think that I live in a blissful Brigadoon where everyone comes to the table in quivering anticipation of my next culinary masterpiece. Don’t. I. Wish.

Sadly, despite my champagne wishes and caviar dreams -and years spent in cooking schools- I can’t please every palate. In fact Lil Nugget #3 is referred to in this house as, “Inspector 13”. I live with the Gordon Ramsay of the kid’s meal set. This guy picks up his food and inspects it for nefarious items such as onions and “that pepper stuff”. Go ahead regale me with your stories of successfully hiding carrots in mac-n-cheese or sneaking beets into burgers. I guarantee you this kid can find them. (note to self, contact TSA for possible consulting gig for the kid)

Even with all this food crazy, there is a shining beam of hope… Lil Nugget #4. She is obsessed with our garden. Rarely does a fig, cherry or tomato ripen in our yard before that kid picks it, runs off to hide with it and eats it. She’s come face-to-face with the gastronomic consequences of  eating less than ripe produce and even that hasn’t deterred her. It all started when she was just a wee one and the first crop of “mamatos” ripened.

Squeeze ya tamatas?

All-in-all one out of four ain’t too bad in the odds department right? Now if I can just up that number when it comes to graduating from college and becoming productive members of society (not bloggers like their mother).

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  1. I can relate to this,my kids just love veggies and fruits. I never introduce to them junk foods. i just inculcate to their young minds that veggies makes them strong and witty like superman. I just love sites like this.
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