Sleep Number i10: Nuggets Style

Earlier this year I rocked the house with JennyG of Hip As I Wanna Be as we battled it out in the Tweet Dreams event for Sleep Number.  Even though she totally kicked my butt it was all good, in the end the Wounded Warrior Project was the big winner.  I think the fine folks at Sleep Number took pity me being so handily crushed, because they chose to hook me up with the new i10 bed and let me tell you… it’s good to be the looser!

The i10 arrived with great fanfare. Meaning the kids huddled around annoying the wonderful -amazingly patient- team who came to install the bed. Honestly folks those guys were amazing and the set up took less time than making dinner (which I tried to talk them into doing as well). It’s been two weeks now with the i10 and The DH and I are loving it. The store fit me with my own sleep number -50 in the store- but now that I’ve got it at home I’m digging the 30s. The DH is still up in the 60s range which sometimes isn’t conducive to spooning. Sort of hard to do that when I sleep in a hole fit for one. Don’t get me wrong I love that hole, it’s like a cocoon, my own personal chrysalis allowing me to wake and be the butterfly I am (jah RIGHT!). There is a simple solution to the snuggle issue, I raise my number up to meet his and it’s all good.

Pros for the i10

  • I never wake up stiff or sore anymore
  • The DH’s snoring has gotten better
  • My regular sheets fit on it
  • It’s super comfortable, and if it’s not I just change my number
  • The DH get’s his firm bed I get my feather bed without killing any geese
  • I can adjust the bed to the bod. After a run or twisting myself into a human pretzel in yoga I often change up the bed to meet my aches and pains o’plenty

Cons for the i10

  • If you and your spooning partner have wildly differing sleep numbers it gets tricky to snuggle
  • I have yet another remote control to deal with but that’s my issue
  • If you have to change your number in the middle of the night to get comfy the pump makes a little noise
  • The kids dig the bed too…

3 thoughts on “Sleep Number i10: Nuggets Style”

  1. Thanks for the great info. Now that I have a new job, hubby and I are ready to splurge on a new bed. I especially like knowing that your hubby’s snoring got better. That would instantly make my night more restful. Thanks again!

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