A dear blog and real world buddy of mine, the irrepressible (and totally insane in just the way I like it) Kadi Prescott said the following on Facebook today:

“Reading everyone’s updates about their fabulous vacations, beautiful kids and perfect lives is nice but the ones I really get the most out of are the ones that expose the author’s inner most thoughts, struggles or dreams. They remind us all that it is ok to be imperfect and still on your journey to where you want to ultimately be. Thank you for those posts.”

Which really got me thinking, how many of us put only the “presentable” stuff out there. Gosh I hope I’m not one of them. I fear though, that I am.

Remember that picture I posted from our Cape Cod vacation? Sure it was cute and all. Inspired by Kadi’s words I must now reveal the following. In truth I had to shoot it about five times. First they didn’t want to hold hands. “Moooommmm she’s gross and I don’t want to touch, HER!” . Then it was three shots of  “NO! dammit don’t look at me look out at the water!!” The cute, albeit slightly inauthentic “Hallmark Moment” shot was at least ten minutes and few choice words in the making. Yet now, back home in the messy comfort of  our house, when I look at it, if I let my eyes relax –read drink a little wine- I see my two youngest kids, holding hands, enjoying the innocence of youth and it warms my heart. Authentic, maybe not, but that’s my delusion and I worked hard to get it.

That said, Kadi has inspired me to be more “me” when I write about well.. me. You can thank her for that.

6 thoughts on “Authenticity?”

  1. Posed or not, it’s a beautiful photo, one you should be proud of. But I loved your ‘coming clean’ – I would love to be more forthright on my blog but I have not been in a long time. I mean, my mom reads it and it makes me hold way back. Sigh.

  2. Thank you, Lara, for your willingness to be transparent in all things. We can all relate to the chaos and near mental breakdown that goes into getting the perfect shot of our kids. No shame in that…but the beauty lies in your ability to share the struggle behind the photo. In that, lies a true testament to your character. Love you, Kadi
    Kadi Prescott´s last blog post ..WTF? Friday

  3. I know. We all know. And i get all snarky when I try to tell the ‘real’ story so then it comes across like a humor post.. and it’s all just exhausting when you think about it.

    Dude. I think I need a nap. But you go girl.

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