National Coffee Day!

Percolating, pressed or brewed, coffee is my favorite “food”. It’s Working Mom aroma therapy, caffeinated creativity juice, the one thing I must have (if you know what’s good for you). And today is it’s “official” day… September 29th, National Coffee Day!

A classic, like the Mona Lisa or Chanel. Beautiful in it's simplicity.

For those of you whom have giggled behind my back, mocking my idée fixe with café,  (you know who you are) take THIS —> Studies now show that a healthy dose of Joe can help with the woes! So girls get your Linda Richman on and and enjoy some java.  Hot or warm, iced or frappe, it’s all okay on this our National Coffee Day!*

Twalk amongst ya selves... I'll give you a tawpic.... CAWFEE!

* Not to be confused with National Cappuccino Day -November 8th- for which I am choreographing an interpretative dance  set to an aria which I will compose after my tenth up of ceremonial coffee, if I can stop my hands from shaking long enough.

6 thoughts on “National Coffee Day!”

  1. I believe our philosophies match. There isn’t much in this world that is all bad. Personally I can only handle one cup of coffee a day or I don’t feel well. I do love that one cup with all my heart though. 🙂
    Carol A. Bender´s last blog post ..Keeping a promise

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