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I love “Wordless Wednesday”. Let’s be honest, shall we? I mostly love it because it’s about the only time I can squeeze in a post here these days. It is really rather tragic that a woman who adores words as much as I, can only seem to write posts populated by few words. It really is not my fault that presently it is a feat to drag me from under mounds of work piled upon my desk. Harder still is tearing me from the summit of Mount Laundrymore.  That said, there comes a time -and in this case a book- when all things must be tossed aside in the face of brilliance.

That book is this…

Sonia Taitz' brilliance nestled between a front and back cover

As a professional reviewer of books, I think I know a thing or three about books. Mind you, I’m by no means a Michiko Kautani (if only). Mostly, I just simply know what I like when it comes to books. That adore envelops books of all lengths and most genres. Books are sublime, I read them all the time (shout out to Seuss there).

Reviewing books has lent me the privilege of reading great advance copies. Contrarily wise, I’ve suffered through some real stinkers. <— getting all literary on ya with that word

Once in a blue moon a book wanders onto my desk and thoroughly enchants me. A book imbued with such brilliance, I can hardly be professional at all when reviewing it, I love it that much. Sonia Taitz’, “In the King’s Arms”, is just such a book. So enamored am I with it, I’ve forgone Wordless Wednesday and reinvented it as; Wonderfully Worded Wednesday.

A very brief synopsis:

We, the readers, travel from 1970’s New York to Oxford, England with Lily Taub. Lily is a bright young woman who comes from a close family with a dark and tragic past. Holocaust survivors, her parents see the world differently than Lily. Though never loosing site of her love for them she sets out, in part, to distance herself from them and finds that we carry much more than luggage along with us when we seek to find ourselves. At Oxford she meets her soul-mates in aristocratic English brothers Peter and Julian, and confronts life -with it’s ever evolving plot.

I’ve intentionally kept this review “very brief” because no words I have can do justice to what Sonia Taitz -essayist, playwright, and author of Mothering Heights– accomplishes with rich, velvety, luxurious words she weaves into this work of art.  Though character driven, the book blends an historical interweaving that transcends time and addresses issues of bigotry and class discrimination, in turn squelching them with the power of all conquering love stories.  This book is also parts tragedy and comedy, which I’m sure suits Julian and Peter, just fine.  I found myself, the closer I got to the end of this book, slowing my reading pace. The thought of being pulled from the world Sonia had created, depressed me. Much like returning from the perfect vacation. Then a “little bird” told me she has a sequel* in the works. I was over the moon, as I’m sure you will be too.

Thank You Sonia.  The world of books -and those who adore them- is now better place with the release of In the King’s Arms

* Sonia, should you read this review, please promise me that we won’t have to wait another 20+ years for the sequel

2 thoughts on “Wonderfully Worded Wednesday”

  1. Wow, Lara! This was amazing, and I love you. You will NOT have to wait 20 more years for the sequel to IN THE KING’S ARMS. It is already written, and I hope to have it published next year.

    Thanks for the support, everyone. Please visit my website (www.soniataitz.com), friend me on FB and follow me on Twitter! And for any of you who want me to call or visit your book clubs, let me know. (There’s a nice little Readers’ Guide in the novel to get you started.)



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