Over The River and Through The Generations

When I was very young, the only trip we ever seemed to take was one that involved dressing up in fussy clothes and hoofing it to Grandma’s house for one holiday or another. Then came the year I turned twelve. The year I became acquainted with my inner wanderer on a cross-country train ride. It was thrilling, exciting and even a little terrifying for a kid from a town of less than 3,000 people. I was going to be spending days amongst strangers, sleeping while the train trudged on beneath us, eating in a dinning car, the only normal thing would be avoiding association with my annoying little brothers.

Mom had suggested I take along my journal, as though I ever went anywhere without it. As the world passed by our window, I recorded all the amazing things I saw. I wanted to get off at every stop, just to “see” it. I have little doubt I drove my parents nuts (and am now paying for that as my own kids return the favor on a daily basis).  I couldn’t help it, I was a bundle of energy. I was an explorer, discoverer of new worlds, a traveler!

From that trip on, I was bitten. I had the travel bug. Through the years I’d go as far as to live in Spain, explore Europe, North Africa and points closer to home. Becoming a mother (four times over) has given me the opportunity to share my wander lust with the kiddos. In fact, at twelve years old for a little touch of irony, my oldest daughter joined her siblings for their first train trip this summer when the family traveled from Baltimore to Boston for a week on Cape Cod.

All A Board! (notice no 12 year old? She loathes cameras. Typical)

Coming full circle with this trip, it occurred to me how meaningful travel is in our family.  Whether it’s a plane ride back to San Diego to see my parents, our road trip to Disney World or the three hour drive to NYC to see my in-laws and explore my “Happiest Place on Earth” (Manhattan), traveling with my kids is so much a part of who I am, who we are. Next stop, taking the kids to Ireland!

Do you dig travel as much as I do? Have you always wanted to travel, but not taken the time? Does traveling with your family just scare the bejesus out of ya? Then you need to join me on Twitter, October 24th from 9-10 pm (est) to talk “Meaningful Travel” with TravelingMom.com and Tauck Bridges.

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Disclosure: My participation in this event has been compensated. However, as always, my views and opinions are unedited and entirely my own (poor sponsors, ha ha)

One thought on “Over The River and Through The Generations”

  1. At some point you do have to just “jump in.” Travel is not perfect, especially with kids, but that is part of the adventure. My family still talks about (And blames me) this dumpy B&B we stayed in in London. Imperfect but a true memory! My advice is GO!

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