Honoring the Moments Between Milestones: Life IS A Celebration!

It’s not just the milestones but the moments between that make life the rich experience it is. I challenge anyone who has watched their child sleeping, listened to them sing into a hairbrush when they thought nobody was around, or read a note they left on your pillow saying “I love you Mommy”, to prove me wrong.

Last month I was honored to join a group of DC area bloggers -many of them real world friends- and the creative minds from Hallmark at the DC stop of the Hallmark Movements Between the Milestones tour. Never before have I attended any blogging event that simply took my breath away. The concept behind the tour -and the day- is that, life IS a special occasion. We’ve all run out to grab that card* for a birthday, anniversary, wedding or any of a number of “milestone” moments in the lives of those we care about. How many of us though can stop to say we’ve celebrated the moments in between?  With the busy lives we lead it’s no wonder that time files. The key is making time stop for just a bit, to be in a moment, hold onto it… celebrate it!

It’s taken me a while to write this post, so moved was I by the events of that day that I wanted to mark it with more than “just” a post. So starting today I’ll be sharing some of those moments here and welcome you to do the same. Share a post, a poem, a picture, quote or just the perfect Pintrest (yes I’m addicted too) “moment” in the linky at the bottom of this post. Take a little time out to mark the “Moments Between Milestones” by sharing them. It’s in the retelling of our own stories that we build a collective history to hand down to those who will inherit time. I’ll try to be sure to have the linky up every Tuesday (life notwithstanding). So share when you have time.

Today’s Inaugural “Moment” was born from a creative writing exercise shared with us by Molly Wigand, Hallmark Writer and Author.

Molly gave us an envelope filled with words, asked us to choose three at random, then write a story. Sounds simple enough eh? The thing is we were also asked to “just write”.  The idea being to just let the words come out. A stream of consciousness sort of thing that any mom has a hard time doing when she is continually mentally shuffling lists and juggling schedules. Truth be told, it scared the crap out  of me!

What, we can’t edit it or choose our words and then we have to read it out loud?! WHOLLY CRAP! I instantly regressed back into Mr. Tally’s 9th grade creative writing class, not a pretty thing. Then a funny thing happened -a moment if you will- I found my grove. It felt good. It didn’t matter if any one liked what I wrote or even read it, comments, lists, schedules melted away and words flowed. I was a writer, doing what she loves to do and doing it for nobody but herself. It was freeing, I felt a weight lift and joy replace it. This… this here, writing is MY moment, and I reveled in it, celebrated and honored it. I have Molly, Hallmark and the other amazing people in that room to thank for this gift. Thank you ALL, you who read this blog, those who’s every-day inspires me every day!

Now SHARE your moment! To get you started here are just a few shared by some of those who were a part of this wonderful event.

  • it should be mentioned that I am a complete and total Hallmark Junkie!

I thank  Hallmark for including me in this amazing event! Though I was well fed and received assorted cards and memorabilia,  they did not ask me to write about the event, nor did they ask me to start hosting a weekly link up themed to “Moments Between Milestones”. All inspiration and opinions are my own.

12 thoughts on “Honoring the Moments Between Milestones: Life IS A Celebration!”

    1. The longer I blog, the more grateful I am that I have a place to “get it all out”. With the busy lives we lead in this packed house I forget things all the time. The blog keeps them for me. It’s the modern day “Dear Diary”. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Our Lil Nuggets LOVE to dance too. If “Moves Like Jagger” by Maroon 5 comes on, that’s all she wrote!

    1. Our oldest started college this year too. You’re post, I totally got! Thanks for sharing. Can I just say I’m SO stoked that you stopped by? I simply adore you blog Lee!

  1. My post is about my complete and total emotional breakdown at that event in which I suddenly realized my boys were growing up. I love it when I am a freak in front of strangers.

  2. I adore the moments where you just want to click on and save in your memory permanently. My children will drop anything for a great dance break. And I will drop something to view them do it. It is so fun to watch them let free, and it’s a good reminder to get up and shake it every as soon as in a whilst
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  3. A stream of consciousness sort of thing that any mom has a hard time doing when she is continually mentally shuffling lists and juggling schedules. Truth be told, it scared the crap out of me! | 😛
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