Say What?

I wish I had recorder, running constantly, so I could capture what the people I birthed say. Because honestly, some of the stuff they come up with is unbelievable. Even I couldn’t make some of it up if I tried. For example, sitting at a red light in traffic while out running errands with the youngest nuggets the other day, this was the conversation:

Lil Nugget #4: “Mommy where are we going?”

Me: “A few stores and then home to start dinner.”

Lil Nugget #4: “Which ones?”

Me: “Trader Joes and a few others.”

Lil Nugget #3 to Lil Nugget #4: “That means Target and the wine store.”

Lil Nugget #4 to Lil Nugget #3: “Why do we always have to go there?!” (insert high-pitched whining and foot kicking here)

Lil Nugget Number #3: “Because Target has cat food and the wine store has wine, duh!” (insert disgusted tone here)

Lil Nugget #4: “So. I want to go home. I don’t want to go to there.”

Lil Nugget #3: “What?!! Do you want the cats to starve and mom to go crazy?!”

Seriously, where do they come up with this stuff? (BTW it’s emergency stock up time. Get all the wine you need before the in-laws show up. I suggest U-Haul rental.)

2 thoughts on “Say What?”

  1. “What the people I birthed say” — you are too funny. Keep the recording going once the in-laws come and let us know — should be fun (assuming you completed your shopping trips.)

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