Just Go Tebow

Something you might not know about me is that I am a gridiron girl through and through. At the tender age of six, you could often find me on the sidelines at the high school football games (mostly indulging my cheer leading aspirations, hey I was a six year old girl). My dad and both my younger brothers played ball. A good portion of our small town community -which would produce no less than five NFL players and one Super Bowl ring wearer- considered football a way of life and not just some game. One of the most romantic gifts my husband has given me is a John Elway signed ball.  The irony of that gift isn’t lost on me as I prepare for the following rant.

It is my deep respect of the game that prompts me to say the following…. for the LOVE of Lombardi will you JUST. GO. TEBOW! 

I can’t take it anymore! I can ignore the fact that my Chargers (yes I’m a Chargers not Broncos fan. My adore for Elway started at Stanford and superseded such trivialities as what team he played for) choked once again. I can even reconcile myself to the fact that the Chargers beating the Raiders -usually a joyous occasion- allowed the Broncos to side into a wildcard slot at with a staggering 8-8 record. What I can no longer stomach is this media feeding frenzy surrounding an -at best- mediocre quarterback. Worse is his constant prattling on about Jesus. Seriously Tim, do your really think the “Lord and Savior” of the WORLD gives a shit about who wins a football game? With all the pain and suffering, injustice, war and Sandusky’s in the world why would -in the name of all things holy would a just Lord choose to answer the prayers asking for an open receiver in the end zone? Come now Tim, why would you bother God with that, how selfish can you be?!

Why don’t you try first thanking your defense for keeping the point spread close enough to compensate for the fact that you can’t seem to carry the first three quarters of a game, Tim? I’d love to see the media pounce on your paying homage to Demaryius Thomas’ ability to not only catch a ball but ramp his run up to super human speed as he plowed toward the end zone. Sure this whole, Jesus has your back thing, is novel and admittedly a boon for lazy sports writers who are happy to jump on a bandwagon rather than buck the system with things like stats, facts or the whole team concept. It’s all just a little much. Enough already.

I hate the fact that this Tebow Mania (and that’s what it is, because maniacs are by definition, crazy people) has tainted the enjoyment of the game for so many of us rational fans of the game. You know us, you may have seen some of our kind sporting painted faces, in drag or adorned with prosthetic hog noses. Those of us who haven’t gorged ourselves on the Tebow Kool Aid, are afraid to voice our opinions for fear of being branded heretics. I wouldn’t be surprised to soon see Dubya (W) take to the airwaves and declare of the Tebow Nation; “If you aren’t with us, you’re against us!” and proceed with to bombing the next door neighbor’s house.

Besides, in the end any logical foot ball fan will tell you Tim that were God, Jesus or the Holy Ghost to back any quaterback it would undoubtedly be be Brady, obviously.


Note to Philip Rivers…. February 15th I start putting your name it at mass weekly. Oh and John.. you’re dead to me.


One thought on “Just Go Tebow”

  1. Oh dear friend on this we will have to agree to disagree.

    Now I love me some football as much of you and while I’ll admit he is not the best quarterback he is far better a quarterback than the fool who took my beloved Bears (Grossman) to the Superbowl.

    Second, he does, repeatedly praise his teammates as why they are winning, over and over again it’s the first or second thing he says.

    Lastly, Brady? For real Brady? Has there ever been a bigger douche in the history of douches? I mean for real.

    But I still love you 🙂

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