Oh Where, Oh Where Has The Mojo Gone? Oh Where, Oh Where Can It Be?

Much like my keys, sunglasses and cash when there is a teenager near, I just can’t find my mojo. Which begs the question…

Did. I. Ever. Have. It?

Maybe. Who knows? In my own head I had it at one point. Upon further contemplation, the last time I recall it being in firmly my possession may have been somewhere around 1989.  It’s possible I left it in my acid washed Guess Jeans.

At what point did they go from being the coveted "Cool Kids" couture to....

A fashion faux pas of presidential proportions?

Oh my.. Obama Momma Jeans!

Then again maybe -stick with me here this could get a little messy- the “after birth” is at fault. No not literally the biological matter that is left behind, but all the mojo sucking things that come after giving birth.

Lara circa B.C. (Before Children) would have rather been rolled in Nutella and drug through a nest of fire ants than be seen in public…

  • Sans shower
  • Without makeup
  • In the same outfit two times in the same WEEK
  • Hair unkempt

Post birthing Mojo Sucking Symbionts, I am entirely copacetic with any combination of the following…

  • Bi-daily showering
  • Dark circles count as eye “shadow”, right?
  • A chic pony (up the volume by not brushing your hair first)
  • Yoga pants have a three day expiration date. True.
  • Hey if the leader of the free world can wear them -and I buy them on sale at Khol’s and use my 30% coupon and $10 in Khol’s cash, well then I’m totally a kick ass flipin’ Fash-a-Frugal-ista- BOOM!

Maybe one is not entitled to mojo retention when their day starts at 5 a.m. with copious amounts of coffee so that one can tend to the every whim of others, maintain a passably clean home (mold isn’t dangerous, is it?), feed everything from felines to family, run endlessly pointless errands, work to make a money that can then be spent on $100 Lucky Brand jeans (not for self, natch) and end with making endless mental lists (at 3 a.m.) of what one must accomplish the next day.

Where did my mojo go? THEY. SUCKED. IT. OUT!

So how do I get it back. Seriously, how?

4 thoughts on “Oh Where, Oh Where Has The Mojo Gone? Oh Where, Oh Where Can It Be?”

  1. One word: delegation! It’s a start. I’ve been working on this myself. Getting the kids to work on more of the chores and letting go of my lofty mediocre standards to allow for their somewhat lower, not-quite-the-way-I-do-it standards.

    Momming sucks sometimes. I’ve been forcing myself to take time for myself because I’m tired of feeling like everyone else is living my life while I’m managing the background details. Last night I said to someone: “I’m running because I’m tired of looking like ‘Jabba the Hut.'”

    So yeah… if you find your mojo? Call me because mine might be nearby.

    PS, for lacking mojo you are pretty freaking amazing. Just sayin.

  2. If you find a way please let me know. Then again I don’t know that I really had it to begin with. I’ve always been a jeans and shirt kind of girl. What I want to know if how to get my energy level back up to what is used to be. By 4pm I am ready for bed. Yes, very sad.

    And I second what Mari said, you are totally freaking amazing.

  3. I will help you look for it BUT I am pretty sure you kick some good butt with or without have and….if not O have your back!

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