YES, Soup for YOU.. with @Bertiolli

I work from home. Sounds like a great gig huh? What they don’t tell you when you pick out that really awesome desk and funky-cool chair at the local Home Goods, is that once you start working from home…

You. Never. Leave. Work.

Still, it beats being parked on the Beltway in rush hour traffic. Plus I can get away with torn chic yoga pants and a ratty old vintage Ramones t-shirt as “business casual”. Yet there are draw backs. One of the biggest ones being making time to do special things with The DH (or the brood) on a weeknight. Some times the slow cooker gets a bit old, ya know. I fear I’m loosing the monicker of Master Mom Chef. Fear not grasshoppah I AM becoming a master at faking it. My secret? Bertolli meal soups! I picked up a bag of Tomato Florentine with Tortellini and Chicken (cost $7.50 on sale at Target)

Putting it in a fancy pot to cook can fool the man into thinking you slaved all day

So here I pause for a public service announcement: I am a part-time foodie.  I wasn’t totally sold on the idea of frozen soup, especially when it came out of the bag looking like this…

Yes those are soup "nuggets". No I was not impressed... yet

However, I WAS impressed with the fact that all I had to do was add in a cup of water and let it grove with the nuggets for just a few minutes. No constant stirring or adding things in at timed intervals. BONUS! It didn’t take long for the kitchen to start smelling awesome and the finished product looked promising.

Hey, I could have made that! Oh wait, I did.

Now I know you want the real scoop on the soup… how did it taste? Molto Buona! Sure the sodium level is a bit high, but like a special weeknight dinner for two, this won’t be happening too often. All things in moderation.

Not having to slave over the stove, a cell phone on my ear and an iPad on the counter, left time to whip up a few nice accoutrements to go along with the zuppa. I turned to Bertolli’s meals for two, Chicken Cannelloni. Not bad. The worse thing about frozen pasta is it inevitably comes out anything but al dente (pasta foul!). I completely expected to be able to put on my best Comic Book Guy -a la The Simpsons- and declare this the, Worst. Dinner. Ever. Turns out, I was wrong. It was pretty darn good, as was the soup. I set a lovely table, bribed the kids with some pizza and enjoyed a lovely, relaxing, nearly work free, week night evening with my man.

set out the good dishes, some great wine and.....


a little week night romantic meal for du

This is how I make a week night special, but the interwebs are all a buzz with other ideas.  Want to be a part of the conversation about making the “everyday” special?  Head on over on the Bertolli Facebook page and see what other folks are up to. Naturally, since I”m I’m a total “twerp” I’m loving the ideas around the Bertolli Twitter “nest”. Still can’t get enough? Well Viva Bertolli baby! Check out the Bertolli site where you can find SOUP FOR YOU with their for store locator.

Come si fa a fare una serata speciale settimana?

  How do you make a week night special?


Okay, so this was a compensated post with Bertolli and Gigcoin but here is the deal, until I get paid in Ferraris and Tuscan villas, my opinions are totally my own.

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  1. Hey, we both know how I love to “Cook”. Love this and Love the table, something I can do no fuss and I get the credit……..perfect. Thank you Lara, Thank you Bertolli.

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