Well, Hello Priscella

Nonsensical blog post title meant only to draw your attention to this post which contains the  following samplings of awesome found on Pintrest (before all the spaming asshats took it over)

Exploding o' the fowl awesomeness
It was a drive by fruiting


Baby I've done it, with dip!


I fear I may be nearing the point of requiring a javavention


Do you pin? Better yet, do you pin stuff that doesn’t make we want to gouge my eyes out?  (one more LOL Cat or absurdly fit chick wearing a fruit roll up and I’m going batcrap crazy) let me know what your Pin-persona is and I’d be happy to follow ya into the time sucking abyss.



2 thoughts on “Well, Hello Priscella”

  1. I pin all sorts of stuff. Holiday ideas, ideas to send in my hubby’s care packages, DIY projects (which I actually find myself doing), ect. I tend to block the people doing the spamming!

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