Sunday Morning

My thirteen year old daughter is smitten with Adam Levine. All her text messages (and let’s face it, this is the only form of communication the child uses aside from foot stomping and eye rolling) end in; <3 Adam Levine 4 ever <3.

I have to confess, I sort of get it.

Okay, I totally get it. He does have the moves like Jagger after all.

That said, I felt it my parental duty to point out that there is -or was- such a thing as Maroon 5, before there was; “Adam Levine with Maroon 5”.  A band with sublime piano weaved into a groove laid down by some smooth guitar and backed by drums that coalesce into a musical portrait that plays perfect compliment to Mr. Levine’s silky voice. Sure he is hot, but so is the band. 

Remember when it was Maroon Five?

3 thoughts on “Sunday Morning”

    1. I feel ya! I love me some Adam Levine, but he was much more swoon-a-licous on that first album. BTW they are playing the Preakness this year. The 13 year old is livid that I won’t let her go.

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