Kitchen Makeover In Two Hours (Maybe)

Every year spring drifts in on waves of sunlight and pollen laden breezes. Maybe it’s the pollen that gets me (very M. Knight Shyamalan) but each spring I become infected with the DIY bug. Some people -rational ones- may opt for contractors. I, being far from rational, choose to tackle home improvement projects with my own two hands. Often managing to also use up my very last nerve.

I’ve built raised beds for our garden, up-cycled chandeliers, trolled many a flea market for treasures to be used throughout the old abode. This year, lured as I often am by sparkly things, I chose to take on a glass tile backsplash kitchen makeover… What was I thinking?

Let me back up a bit and show you how sad the situation in the Cucina was…

The previous backsplash was in fact just a piece of enameled sheet metal screwed to the wall. Class all the way!

Walking through Lowe’s (second only to shoes stores on my list of retail muses) I found THIS…

Ooooh... sparklies!

Two hours they said. Easy to do they said. No special skills needed they said. Don’t listen to them, the husband said. Do I ever listen to that man? sigh, no

It started out like a dream. I bought three boxes of the DIY Network Glass Tile Backsplash kit, which included all I would need.

In theory.

The tiles are attached to an adhesive backing. You simply measure out the space you’ll be tiling, insert spacers where needed and stick that puppy up there like a bumper sticker. Easy peasy. That part went swimmingly.

Next you squeeze out grout onto the provided trowel and spread on a layer, much like frosting a cake. THIS I’ve done! Spreading frosting the consistency of ten year old stale taffy, THAT I haven’t done. All of the included grout packets were more like bricks. After two trips back to Lowe’s*, digging through all the remaining kits on the shelf to find workable grout and ending up with a tub of premix from the flooring department, things went “on” a little more smoothly.

Now the box boasts that this can be done in two hours. Notsomuch. Even without Grout Gate, in the small space that I did, I’d budget at least 8 hours. The grout doesn’t wipe off as “clean” as they claim either, but you do get a pretty good upper body workout getting that crap off, so it’s not for naught.

The big payoff? This…

Hello drama!

Success? Well it looks better than that darn sheet metal did! When you gift the wall a “facelift” you can’t forget the switch plates. Trust me, I did and well it was not pretty. Fear not, a can of RustOleum Hammered Metal spray paint and you go from “old and gross” to super chic with just a spray (and a drop cloth, don’t forget that, again I know this from experience).


What’s a makeover without a little accessorizing? For that I used a $5 HomeGoods clearance section find. A wire dish rack turns into a cookbook and kitchen gadget storage showcase.

In the end, all the headache paid off with a new look for the old Cucina and it only took a whole weekend and most of my sanity.

Now on to those yicky white counter tops!

*This post is in no way sponsored by Lowe’s Home Improvement Stores. That said, the customer service at our local Lowe’s was top notch. I freaking love those guys!

4 thoughts on “Kitchen Makeover In Two Hours (Maybe)”

  1. I also have the Spring DIY. My current projects include repairing the two drywall cracks from hell that I have not been able to cure. After a lot of web surfing, I think I found a way and can’t wait to try it. Next on the list is replacing the guts in my toliet. The package states QUIETfill… That remains to be seen. I would settle for quieter. Also in the works is finally installing a dishwasher and over the range microwave. I can take out cabinets, etc but an electrician I am not so I have to wait for help with that part. I’ll post a pic on FB after that is done. I love the tile you did so that may be next on the list… hmmm…
    I am in heaven when I go to Lowe’s… Took Drevyn the other day so we could walk through the lumber section and I could explain how much fun we will have when he gets a little bigger…

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