Who Gets to Say You are Mom Enough Anyway?

There has been a ton of squawking discussion following Time Magazine’s “Are You Mom Enough” article. Well played Time, well played. Really, it is sort of a genius when you divorce yourself of emotions and look at it for what it is. I mean who wouldn’t be prompted to chatter about an image like this?

Apparently they felt a photo of the "God of Cricket" might not prompt a buying frenzy

I’ll admit, even after having breast-fed four kids, I found the picture a bit shocking and that pisses me off at me. Why? Well, because it shouldn’t. Whom am I to judge how that mom chooses to parent her child? Obviously she is doing something right, that kid is growing like a weed (three, really? Talk about wonder milk!).

Here is the thing, we let the media whip us moms up like a nest of premenstrual hornets. How many of us have time in our day to worry about the “Mommy Wars” until some douche of a media outlet decides to jump all over the issue and the rest of the lemmings follow in step by plastering every “news” outlet with women attacking the choices made by other women?

I’m just as guilty as the next mom. I hear some talking head -often times not even a mom them self- prattling on about how being a “working” mom is harder than being a mom who doesn’t work, and I find myself screaming at the TV.  The red fury takes over and I give them the power to use my motherhood as a means to marginalize my role in society, politics, the work place and even my home.

All. Moms. Work. End of story.

So why do we continue to allow ourselves to be reduced to judgment slinging? Why do we hand over the keys to the car and let someone else drive us to Crazy Town? Shouldn’t we collectively stand up, let them hear us roar, and demand that we each -individually- be allowed to determine what is “mom enough” for ourselves? And once we’ve taken back the reins there, could we then be so bold as to demand that when it involves the collective we ask the right questions? Questions like those posed in this article by MomsRising.org.

You are mom enough. You have the power to define that for yourself, for your family and to demand respect of your right to choose what that means to you.




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