I am not a Fish

The end of the school year is always so surreal  for me as a parent. I’m all at once excited for the sleeping in adventure ahead and dreading trying to keep all that learning in their heads and my head attached to my neck. I love my Lil Nuggets, but keeping them entertained all summer long… well that is an epic tale for another post.

This morning my youngest -who is 5 and just 19 month younger than her brother- said to me,

“Mommy, I’m glad for summer! Now I don’t have to feel stupid at homework time.”

Gulp. Let us pause for a moment while I pick my heart up off the floor.

The kid is by no means stupid! <— this word needs to be expunged from our vocabulary. She does happen to be the little sister of a child who, in first grade, is reading Treasure Island. Homework is his thing. It comes easy to him. She is a “normal” Kindergartner, working on those pesky sight words. He has all the grace of movement afforded to a newborn horse. She dances as though she were the lovechild of Martha Graham and Fred Astaire.

As I hustled everyone off to school, I poo-pooed the idea that she was in any way stupid. Yet I’m left sitting here, thinking about summer, next school year, homework, life and how each of my four kids -and really all of us- has their own talents and strengths. I can only hope I do a good enough job showing them that…


3 thoughts on “I am not a Fish”

  1. You pretty much said it All…………I remember my son telling me he was stupid, a word I have never allowed my kids to use. I’m with you let’s petition to get rid of the word.

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