10 Things Back To School Means…

  1. Coffee and Quiet.
  2. No more Nickelodeon.
  3. Lunch when I want it.
  4. Peeing in peace.
  5. Not having to entertain people… all. day. long.
  6. Getting up at the ass crack of dawn.
  7. The ultimate mom fail…Poptarts in the car.
  8. No more playmates of my own.
  9. Letting someone else be the beneficiary of their smiles.
  10. Watching, heart quietly breaking, as they take yet another step away from me.

10 thoughts on “10 Things Back To School Means…”

    1. I tried to tell myself that I’d be more productive when I had peace. So far, it isn’t looking so good. Hope you succeed where I’ve failed, my friend.

    1. I applaud you for homeschooling. There is a part of me that longs to be able to do that. It bows to the other three quarters of me that knows I wouldn’t survive!

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