The Tooth Fairy Cometh

One of the joys of parenting is partaking in the age-old tradition of lying to your children. When you convince your trusting, doe-eyed offspring that there is a winged creature who flits into their room, late at night on a cloud of sparkly pixie dust to gather up their discarded dental appendages, you are joining a special fraternity. One for which the dues -at least in my day- were mere coins, and the privileges unexplainable.

Ah but the moments leading up to the execution of this storied ruse, those are where the gold of parenting memories are mined. Take for example the case of my Littlest Nugget loosing her first tooth -or teeth as it were- this past week.

She had been eagerly accosting her one, slightly wiggly tooth for weeks. See her older brother had been recently on the lucrative end of this Fairy Farse, and she felt it her due to get paid too! Her father and I would chuckle has she’d beg us to wiggle her tooth, telling her with an air of patience that she’d been waiting quite a while before that tooth was ready to come out.

Fast forward to this past Sunday evening. The family was gathered around the computer monitor laughing with uncontrolled abandon at some silly cat video on YouTube. (yes, I am raising the next generation of nerds) The peals of laughter were soon interrupted by the often heard, blood curdling screams of a six year old girl. Honestly, I just kept laughing and ignored her. I’m such a doting parent. Then she brandished a palm dotted with blood. As it turns out, at some point in this giggle fest her older brother decided it was time for the proverbial, “Smack Down”. Why he came to this decision, no one knows. He has yet to offer up any sort of rationale.  The result of this melee…. A VISIT FROM THE TOOTH FAIRY

Yes, my son knocked out my daughter’s teeth. I’ve obviously got this whole parenting thing… NAILED!

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