Oíche Shamhna Shona

Or as you may say, “Happy Halloween“. Okay, that’s what I say too. I thought I’d dig into my Irish roots and try to look cool today by tossing a little Gaelic at ya. Because, let’s face it, there is nothing cool about a 40-something mom of four dressing up as a witch (too literal).

Let me lay a bit o’ history on ya. Did you know that Shamhna (or Samhain, aka Halloween) was once what the ancient Gaels’ day to celebrate the end of the harvest? Or that it was a time they used to take stock of supplies and start the preparation for winter? Yeah, me neither… well at least not until the History Channel told me so.  So I thought that this year, before I don the traditional alliterative attire and mount my Nimbus 2000, I’d make a list of the things I might need in preparation for winter. Thanks to Superstorm Sandy, I’ve made some adjustments to my typical “Emergency Rations” list.

1) Merlot

2) Malbec

3) Pinot Noir

4) Pinot Grigio

5) Chardonay

Seriously though, I hope that all of you that were in the path of Sandy are safe. We got off easy here, and I know how lucky we were. If you feel compelled to help out please visit the American Red Cross website for information on how you can do that.

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