What We Learn From Teachers

I was prepared that school drop off would be tough this morning. I don’t think I knew just how hard it would be. I struggled to hold it together, passing off my need to get out of the car and hug them one more time as necessary to help them get the boxes for their project out of the car.  In fact, as I write the post I said I wasn’t going to write, it’s still hard. So why am I writing this?

Why? Because I learned from a teacher. From many teachers, in fact. I learned so much more than reading and writing (math, I’m not sure I ever learned). They taught me to stand up for myself, to see the beauty in others, to follow my dreams and to never give up. These people chose a profession that will never make them rich, but enriches countless others. They chose to care for the children of others, to give of themselves in ways that reach far beyond a report card. From so many of them I learned about selflessness and honor.

Sitting in my car, tears streaming down my face, watching my kids walk through those doors I remembered something. I remembered that teachers, amazing people like Meg McEwen Markowitz were waiting inside that school to for my babies. Just inside those doors were certain angels, waiting to wrap my children in a special kind of peace, to welcome them with open arms and champion them with fierce spirits. Many of them, like Meg, hugged and left their own kids at another school this morning, so they could come teach my children. I say we take today to stop talking about our opinions on guns and instead talk about teachers. Have a conversation about what we can learn about humanity from these people that do more than educate our kids. Talk about how they care for our kids, teach them, love them, and honor those that have even given their lives for them.

Let’s make today about learning from and thanking teachers.

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