Residence Inn: The Gift of Time

Fifty years and still touring, The Rolling Stones sure do seem to have time on their side after all. Of course, none of them are moms. I doubt Keith Richards has ever had to host a holiday. Though, come to think of it, I might like to be at that dinner table. When you’re a mom time can be anything but on your side, especially around the holidays.

This year a group of the gals and I thought we might forgo the exchanging of scented candles and scarfs (though wine remains on the list) and give each other some time. We all have certain common holiday responsibilities. Among them shopping for, and beautifully wrapping, gifts. Why not combine that with a little girl-time, and you guessed it.. WINE!

Lucky for us Residence Inn has a great location near our favorite shopping spots; Arundel Mills. More than just a mall, this premium outlet nirvana has it all. I can grab that cute new DKNY Cozy (have you seen what this sweater does?! So cool) for my daughter at half the price I’d pay almost anywhere else, pick up that game my son must have and even knock out the Mother-In-Law gift at Nieman Marcus Last Call.

Remember that Residence Inn I mentioned? Well it’s just steps outside the mall. We can round up our loot and not have to sneak back in the house Ninja-Stlye to hide everything from the family. PLUS, since Residence Inn is practically your own little home-away-from-home, you can wrap the whole gig up there as well.

With a desk, table and space galore, you can wrap like a pro… in peace! No more stooping over a roll of wrapping paper on the floor of you bedroom while kids pound on the door demanding to know what you’re doing in there. The full kitchen comes in handy too. After putting your plastic through it’s paces, you can relax with some less expensive nosh you whip up on the fly.

Imagine a day shopping with your girls, then finishing it off with an evening wrapping, sipping and watching your favorite sappy holiday chick flicks. Now THAT is the sort of time I’d like to have on my side, holidays or not.

Find a Residence Inn near you, grab the girls and give each other the gift of time, any time of year. Sounds like a tradition in the making!


Disclosure: This post was part of my participation in the Residence Inn Moms Club. I was under no obligation to give this property, or any Residence Inn, a favorable review. As ALWAYS my opinions are my own. That said, you should totally start a tradition of getting away to a Residence Inn with your girls!

8 thoughts on “Residence Inn: The Gift of Time”

    1. My philosophy is that we can accomplish anything with our girls and some good wine. Want to put it to the test with me?!

  1. Now that’s the way to shop! I love the idea of having time to decompress after Christmas shopping, enjoying a glass of wine, girl time and getting the presents wrapped. The ultimate in multi-tasking.

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