Celebrate Robert Burns Night: are ye raisn’ ah poet an dunna know it?

When most of the other kids were out building forts or running a foul of parental decrees, I could often be found engrossed in a book. Poetry was an early amour, to this very day I still adore. Okay that is the last of my pathetic poetic musings I’ll inflict upon you.  I’ll reserve the rest for inner dialogue or the occasional interrogation tactic (cruel and unusual, but sometimes necessary.)

Tomorrow -January 25th- marks a day on which we celebrate a true poet. A man who painted with words, stirred souls, spurred passions and could likely even drink my dear friend Carolyn (a Scot herself) under the table… Robert Burns!

All jokes about Scotch, haggis and what you’ll find under a kilt aside, Robert Burns Night is a great time for connecting your children to the rich would of Scottish heritage and via poetry. Across the country families will gather to celebrate Scottish culture in honor of Burns’ birthday.

Here are some fun things you can do to celebrate and get your “Scot” on;

As much of a homebody as I can be, there really isn’t a better way to celebrate this occasion than out amongst the people. The atmosphere and poetic recitations alone could get me out. The not having to cook, nor clean… well that is just poetry to me!

If you happen to be in the DC you could stop by Saint Andrew’s Society for Burns Nicht Supper or hit Liam Flynn’s Ale House in Baltimore for a Burns Night event filled with song, poetry and Haggis should you be so brave. (Brave, see what I did with that one?)

I for one am want to spend the evening in the company of good friends. Would that I lived closer to Mary Heston and company who do it up right. Check out  how her family does it, almost makes Haggis look edible, huh?

No matter how you choose to mark the occasion, remember that life itself is an epic poem in the making!

No mention of Scotland would be complete with out a bow to the boys o’ the brogue back in Glasgow… Stephen and Kieran, miss ya!  And Mr. Connery, thank you for doing as a proper Scot does, and getting better with age… swoon.

One thought on “Celebrate Robert Burns Night: are ye raisn’ ah poet an dunna know it?”

  1. I was writing poems before, and I remember I can write nice poems and stories when I’m sad. Maybe a person’s artistic skills come out when they’re on their down times. Was it also the case with Robert Burns?

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