Save the Bookstores!

by DiPaola Momma (HNIC) on January 29, 2013

When Borders Books began to have their going out of business sales it felt like a melancholy Christmas for me.  I was sad at the idea of no longer having Nirvana right around the corner. But 50% off books? Count. Me. In.

I made a weekly pilgrimage to say goodbye and get good buys. Not my most proud of moments.

With rumblings that my last entrance to Narnia -Barnes and Noble- may be following suit, I am feeling a growing sense of doom.  When all the bookstores go, where will I go? Better yet, where will we all find ourselves?

Don’t get me wrong I love my iPad as an e-reader. The ease of finding a title, downloading it and having it waiting for me are big pluses. That said, in my mind nothing could ever fully replace walking into a bookstore. The smell of coffee brewing. The hushed murmur of voices lowered in deference to those engrossed in the pages of a new adventure. Over stuffed chairs beckoning you to sit down and get lost for a spell.

No amount of technical advancement can replace the feel of turning a page, the smell of old ink in a new find. Well maybe a Star Trek Holodeck. Nope, not even that.

One day what you read may become as important as how you read it. SAVE THE BOOKSTORES!

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