Save the Bookstores!

When Borders Books began to have their going out of business sales it felt like a melancholy Christmas for me.  I was sad at the idea of no longer having Nirvana right around the corner. But 50% off books? Count. Me. In.

I made a weekly pilgrimage to say goodbye and get good buys. Not my most proud of moments.

With rumblings that my last entrance to Narnia –Barnes and Noble– may be following suit, I am feeling a growing sense of doom.  When all the bookstores go, where will I go? Better yet, where will we all find ourselves?

Don’t get me wrong I love my iPad as an e-reader. The ease of finding a title, downloading it and having it waiting for me are big pluses. That said, in my mind nothing could ever fully replace walking into a bookstore. The smell of coffee brewing. The hushed murmur of voices lowered in deference to those engrossed in the pages of a new adventure. Over stuffed chairs beckoning you to sit down and get lost for a spell.

No amount of technical advancement can replace the feel of turning a page, the smell of old ink in a new find. Well maybe a Star Trek Holodeck. Nope, not even that.

One day what you read may become as important as how you read it. SAVE THE BOOKSTORES!

3 thoughts on “Save the Bookstores!”

  1. I think there will always be your indie book shops where you can get those sensations and physical books. But as a writer, with Amazon and iBooks I am happy to get 70% royalties on my books rather that the traditional less than 30%, spread out over years.
    Corey Feldman´s last blog post ..Happy Birthday Elijah

  2. My girls actually cried when Borders closed. Where else were we going to go on lazy weekend afternoons just to sit amid…ALL OF THE BOOKS? It hurt. Barnes & Noble just isn’t the same, not to us. And now that they’ve closed the closest one to us in Union Station, we’re on the lookout for independent ones (because no one wants to drive to Potomac Yard just for B&N, even if VA does sell liquor on Sundays.) I finally broke down and got a Kindle. But. I simply can’t get into my usual curl up on the sofa with tea with…an electronic device. That sounds kinky. I wasn’t being kinky.

    BTW our local librarians LOVE US.
    Arnebya´s last blog post ..Sometimes

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