Well, DUH!!!

When I was stationed in Spain -many, many moons ago- one of the only daily connections we had to The States was a radio that we kept in our shop in the hangar. Seems almost unfathomable today, doesn’t it?  The world is so much smaller these days. We are so connected. Who among us won’t start to get a little jumpy if unable to access the goings on, on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the “interwebs” daily? What, just me?

The hitch with this radio was we only ever got NPR. Or so it seemed. My day shifts were spent with Paul Harvey and the graveyards with Dr. Demento. On occasion there would be a marathon of the classic, Art Linkledder’s Kid Say The Darndest Things. No, I was not serving during WWII. I have no idea why the shows were so outdated, but I loved them all the same.

In the years since becoming a mother, I’ve often thought that Mr. Linkledder would have met his match in any one of my kids. In fact I may have mentioned this before. Just when I thought they were at an age that they might be growing out of this, they prove me wrong. Proving me wrong is sort of a pastime in this household.


I submit the following conversation as proof that my kids do still say the darndest things.

Little Nugget #4: “Mommy, when you go to heaven to you still get do you still get to eat  food?”

Me: “I’m sure you do honey.”

Little Nugget #4: “Do you get to eat whatever you want? Like your favorite things all the time and stuff?”

Me: “Well they do say that getting to Heaven is a reward for being a good person on earth sweetie, so I’d think so. Yes.”

Little Nugget #4: “So can you get all the fashion clothes you want too, or do you have to wear Angel uniforms?”

Me: “Well, I guess so. I haven’t been there yet, so I can’t say.”

Little Nugget #4: “I love God so much!”

And then, from the peanut gallery (or the other car seat as it were)….

Little Nugget #3: “Well DUH!!! Evverrrrybody LOVES God. Geesh!”

From the mouths of babes, eh?

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