The Little Lion Challenge: A Little Kindness Can Make a Big Roar

How we handle the bumps in the road of life says a lot about who we are. I’d like to think that were I faced with a difficult, life altering event, that I’d be strong. That I’d be the rock for my family, the person who took care of it all.

The truth? I don’t know that I have that strength in me.

What I do know is that I have a wonderful network of family and friends that would fill in my weak spots, and we’d get through it.

A dear friend and fellow mother with a blog, Heather of (cool) Progeny, had to answer this question in the most heart breaking of ways.  Her adorable little boy was hospitalized for the first three and a half months of his life, undergoing a series of surgeries/procedures to help him breath. This guy never lost his smile, no matter how much he went through. He has the heart of a lion.

Heather, her husband Pat and The Bug (aka Big Sis) handled this bump -okay it was far more than a bump, more like a the-bridge-is-out-wholly-hell-what-now! moment- with a grace and strength that I’ll admire forever. Rather than falling to pieces, as I’m sure I would have, they banded together… like a Pride, for their “Little Lion Man.”

From a difficultly many of us can’t even bare to imagine, Heather and her family have created a movement of amazing. Inspired by the kindnesses, big and small, that their family has received in this time of need, they are taking the “pay it forward” concept and making a ROAR with it.  littlelionchallenge

It really is as simple as being kind. Think about it, how good do you feel when you get that sweet text from your teenager? Rare though it may be. How many people make it their life’s work to keep us safe, or things running smoothly? How much of what they do goes largely unnoticed? What sort of an impact can a simple, “Hey, thanks!” have.


So I’ve challenged my family to do at least one kindness everyday for the rest of their summer. We’re taking the Little Lion Challenge and we’d love you to join us!

Just do something nice. It doesn’t have to be a huge gesture, or cost a ton of money. It can be as simple as a note of thanks or inspiration. Buying a cup of coffee? Grab the tab for the person behind you in line. Have the kids color pictures and drop them off at the assisted living center. Getting ready for back-to-school shopping? Pick up an extra pack of pencils and send it in for the classroom. Go through the kids clothes and make a donation.

Share with our community of bighearted do-good-ers on Facebook and Twitter using the hashtag #LittleLionChallenge.

Pete LL

If we all did just one small kindness, can you image what a roar that would make?!



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