Jason Voorhees… You Don’t Scare Me, I have a Teenaged Daughter!

Way back in the day the Friday The 13Th slasher flick was about the scariest thing I’d ever laid my eyes on.  With that Goalie’s mask and butcher knife, Jason Voorhees scared the living crap out of me, kept me awake at night and caused my imagination to run a muck, conjuring up all sorts life-threatening scenarios.  Could anything be more terrifying?


Scene: Late evening in a quite suburban home, a couple sits on the sofa. Bottle of wine, two half-empty glasses on the table. Newsroom playing on the TV. An unearthly howling rips through the calm house. Pounding footsteps echo through the hall, thundering down the stairs.

“I have NOTHING to wear to school tomorrow. My life is OVER. I HATE YOU!”

Welcome to the nightmare that is…. RAISING A TEENAGED DAUGHTER!

scary kk

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

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