The Government Shutdown… Planned?!

When our National Zoo panda plans had to be put aside due to the Government Shutdown… I shrugged it off.

When my husband reported for his first day of working with no pay… I was admittedly perturbed. But hey, this couldn’t be allowed to go on for long, could it?

When the news seemed to spend an inordinate amount of time covering the “impact” of closed museums, monuments and parks… I started eying my soapbox.

When I read this headline in the New York Times, “A Federal Budget Crisis Months in the Planning

I. Lost. My. Shit.

A small group of well-funded, and/or independently wealthy people are currently patting themselves on the back for their successful planing? WTH?!

My family does lots of planning too. Despite all our planing, we just couldn’t plan for things like;

  • My husband working for free
  • No paycheck
  • Our mortgage payment not being sent
  • Health insurance going unpaid
  • Dozens of bills, that come out of our paycheck through electronic dispersal, not getting there on time
  • Still having our family budget pay for the small things that allow my husband to be at work¬† (He’s essential personnel, just not the essential enough for a paycheck!)

I’m disgusted that a small faction of elected officials and their “brain trust” are proudly touting their using, “the power of the purse” to hold my family’s financial well being hostage.¬† As outraged as I am, my family is lucky. The planning we have done has helped us be able to weather this carnival of idiocy. There are hundreds of families out there that aren’t as lucky. From the single income Federal Employee household, to the small businesses that rely on us spending our now non-existent paychecks on their goods and services, thousands of families didn’t plan… couldn’t plan for this.


just do your job

Dear Lawmakers,

I don’t care what your reasoning is, what political ideology you subscribe to or who you choose to blame for the shutdown. Get your dam job done. We’re paying you for it.

2 thoughts on “The Government Shutdown… Planned?!”

  1. I am one of the single income Federal households. I have called everyone and told them they would get $25 and this is all they will get until this is over. The mortgage company was less than thrilled when I told them the payment would be late and basically said sorry for your bad luck. Boehner should put it on the floor for a vote and find out if a clean bill would pass but he won’t (I think it would). The President says he will not negotiate either. All I know is the next election, I will be putting these guys under a microscope. It’s a pissing contest that we are caught up in through no fault of our own. Think I could get one of them to send me a check to pay my bills?

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