Sweet, Sweet Pizza!

Ahhhh, chocolate. Dark, light, solid, melted, drizzled – I love chocolate in all its available permutations.  And candy!  Candy is great, too – and cookies!  And pretzels.  Ach, that salty/sweet thing is SO darn good.

What would you say if I told you that all of the above – plus sprinkles – can come delivered to your door in a singularly sweet conglomeration of confection known as the Pretzel Pizza?  No, seriously, it’s TRUE.  I’m munching on one right now, courtesy of Sweet Secrets Artisan Chocolate!  And this thing is like NOTHING I’ve ever seen before, let me tell you…

Culinary decadence arrived at my door in a box reminiscent of the pizza delivery guy, (but much sturdier), sporting a huge, cheery logo sticker.  They say presentation is everything, and these folks cut no corners.  At first blush, you’d think you were opening a gift, such was the carefully placed tissue and color coordinating paper shred packing.  A sweet little note extolling me to ‘Enjoy!’ was tucked into a tiny envelope, and it was all I could do to stop and snap this pic for you before digging in:



Now, Imagine my surprise when I pushed away the paper and was met with THIS:




WHAT?  No!  There’s no stopping once I can SMELL chocolate, people.  But…I am nothing if not professional, so I controlled my base instincts and paused to read the note on the reverse…where I was met with even more sweetness!  (Pun intended.) :




Have you ever seen a more adorable mallet in your LIFE?  I was grateful that they’d provided it, once I got a look at the size of the pizza.  At 9 inches and 1.5 pounds, it is truly meant to be shared – and the mallet is for whacking it into share-sized pieces:




Now, I feel it incumbent upon me, since I’ve summarily (and literally) deconstructed the pizza, to describe the ingredients…as I eat them.  In order.

There’s yummy dark chocolate in a hard, smooth layer, into which chunks of some of the best pretzels I’ve had in a while are pressed.  Upon this “crust” are placed the toppings – M&M’s, Oreos and broken bits of waffle cone – all drizzled with white chocolate and finished with rainbow sprinkles.

(Is it just me, or is Julie Andrews singing “These Are A Few of My Favorite Things” in the background?)



Per the Sweet Secrets website, this little baby is a college favorite…and I can see why.  It contains at least half of a college students basic food groups, comes in it’s own disposable “take out”  container, and is MEANT to be shared and eaten with the fingers.  But, think outside the dorm – a Pretzel Pizza would be at home anywhere sweet lovers gather.  Birthday parties!  Scout Meetings! Office potlucks! Holiday gatherings! Sweet Secrets’ Pretzel Pizza is a fun & unique way to bring out the kid in everyone.

Find yours at Sweet Secrets Artisan Chocolate or on Facebook:  facebook.com/SweetSecretsChocolate


I was provided this product for review.  All opinions are my own.

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