The Contagious Attitude Adjustment

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Positivity can sometimes feel positively impossible. Even the most chipper of chickens can have a hard time being all rainbows and unicorns when faced with the deluge of daily “to-dos”. Add to that the rudeness and general level of asshatery that seems to pervade public interactions, and frankly one could be left to wonder why we even get out of our beds in the morning.

Admittedly, I am not exactly “Susie Sunshine” some days (most often Mondays.) I tend to hold a more pessimistic view of the world. Why? I couldn’t tell you, heck I’d like to know myself. Honestly though, it’s starting to get pretty darn draining.

So I’ve set off on a quest, in search of attitude adjustment.

The challenge; find one thing a day that brings the focus back to a healthy attitude. Then share that. Oh, don’t worry I won’t be turning into one of those people that floods Facebook with photos of cute kittens, doing cute little kitten things and spewing quotes from gurus. That said, I think just one little bit of positive a day can only do us all good.

Today’s Healthy Attitude Inspiration (Hai!) comes from someone who inspires me, even in the midst of my typical cynicism. When you meet Elena you can’t help but be a little more joyful, her blog title  is almost a mantra in itself, “Live. Do. Grow.” Yesterday she encouraged us all to take a break from our keyboards, get up out of our chairs and take a dance break.

Think I better dance now!

More than just getting the blood flowing to bum again, this little break was pure joy. She timed them and reminded us to join in when it was time to groove again. Before I knew it I’d not only finished my work, I had time to whip up something fun for dinner and even -shocker- clean up a little. When I picked up the Little Nuggets at school one of them actually remarked, “Look at how smiley you are today!”


But that is exactly why I need this. Do you find yourself playing the Negative Nancy far too often? Ever wonder why you can’t get out of that rut or where the “happy,” went? Maybe you need this too. Heck, maybe we can all use an attitude adjustment.

Have a blog, activity, person, place or thing that helps you foster a healthy attitude? SHARE!  We can make this a contagious attitude adjustment.

7 thoughts on “The Contagious Attitude Adjustment”

    1. It was so simple a thing to do, but so powerful. I was shocked at the change in my attitude change. Let’s DANCE!

  1. Whenever I see you, you’re smiling and bubbly! But I know how the work of mom and wife can you bring you down sometimes. Keep up the great attitude! I know I love to see others smile and dance like no one’s watching because who cares what someone else thinks!
    Holly´s last blog post ..Regrets as a Mom

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