I Love My Job

I work in a field that spans several industries; manufacturing, hospitality, engineering, medicine, and futures… to name a few. My position is one that fosters creativity and collaboration, rewards ingenuity and encourages flexibility. There may be days where I get lost daydreaming about a long overdue vacation but…

I love my job.

My coworkers aren’t always that productive, in fact one of them seems to sneak in naps daily.

Really, naps!

The hours are long. What’s expected of me seems to change daily. I’m often asked to complete tasks outside my sphere of expertise. But, I learn something new every day.

Every. Day.

My title and job description are things that are always in flux. For example, last week I was “Director of Travel” – arranging for transportation, accommodation, meals and entertainment. A month ago I was a consultant on an engineering project that presented alongside a group of 28 competitors. Daily, I’m in charge of the manufacturing process with regard to sustenance programs.

There are days when the Customer Service requirements are overwhelming. The demands can seem endless, but the perks package is unbeatable. Custom-designed jewelry, has to be among my favorite incentives.

I am a;

Therapist. Creative Director. Educator. Chef. Personal Shopper & Stylist. Photographer. Accountant. Nurse. Domestic Environs Engineer. Human Resources Manager. Travel Agent. Life Coach.


and I love my Job!


Wishing all of my colleagues out there, a HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!


(for the record I also love my other job. I’m a Marketing Director… it pays in cash)

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