Cirque du Work from Home Mommy: The Ultimate Balancing Gone Wrong

I was out in the garden the other afternoon watering the pods with one hand and taking a work call with the other, when a nosy neighbor peaked through the fence to say, “Hi.”  No doubt she’d been attracted by the sound of me apparently muttering to myself in the yard. Not wanting to be rude – and hoping dispel rumors that both hear voices and talk back to them- I motioned for her to come on over to my side of the fence.

I finished up my call, turned off the spigot, and invited her in for tea (so as not to deplete my coffee supply, coffee being essential to well being of those in my immediate vicinity.) Breezing through the obligatory idle chit-chat, we soon came to the topic of my working from home. This neighbor gushed over my “luck” at being able to work from home.

“How wonderful it must be to stay in yoga pants all day and set your own schedule!” 

Yet, how I “manage to get it all done” seemed to befuddle her.

I smiled, nodded my head at all the right times and resisted the urge to shake the woman whilst screaming;

“I’m trapped here. I rarely get it all done.  I never leave work. They always come home. It’s like juggling chainsaws. Calgon. Take. Me. Away!”

2013-10-18 19.09.35I’m sure she what she was really trying to do is give me an “Attagirl!” I was certainly thankful that the implied thumbs-up. The thing is, I could still hear those chainsaws revving up, ready to slice through the facade like a razor through butter.

Work-Life balance? How does one achieve this when they never leave work?

I’ve devoured books with titles like; “Off Balance: Getting Beyond the Work-Life Balance Myth to Personal and Professional Satisfaction” and “The Work/life Balance Planner Resetting Your Goals.” Poured over tips on sites from WebMD to The Huffington Post, the end result was always the same… me, tied in knots like a Cirque du Soleil contortionist.

How do you find balance when you seem to have work/life vertigo?

At this point in the post I should have an answer to that question. Right? After all, that’s how the formula goes. Well, I don’t.

So I turn to you and ask, “How do YOU do it ALL?!”

I see you, you completely put together moms who manage to make gourmet lunches, keep those chic houses clean, and top it off by being at the top of your professional game.  Some of you work in offices, on the road, at home, for others, or for yourselves. How do you do it? Do tell.

Or am I just peaking through the fence at you and missing the fact that you’re slipping of the tightrope too?

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