Easy Whipped Feta Cheese Spread

Easy Whipped Feta

Can one have a fetish for Feta? Okay, maybe that sounds a little weirder than I intended. How about an obsession? The answer to that would be a resounding, “HECK YEAH!” in my house. We go gaga for the Greek delight.

That said, it can be a little cumbersome, crumbly and not at all schmearable. (yes, that is a word spell check, stop redlining it!)

The solution? Whip It… whip it real good.

It’s super yummy and stupid easy.


4-6 ounces Crumbled Feta Cheese
8 ounces Cream Cheese

2014-05-17 14.15.54

Be sure that your Cream Cheese is at room temperature before trying to work with it. Combine cheeses in a mixer, and blend well. DONE!

2014-05-17 14.17.41

Told ya it was easy. Now you can spread it on a baguette or dress it up. Here are some great add-in and topping ideas:

  • Diced cucumber and chopped fresh mint (mix in)
  • Sun dried tomato and garlic. Use tomatoes packed in olive oil. Mix the tomatoes and garlic in during the mixing. Drizzle the packing oil over the top.
  • Fresh basil and REALLY GOOD olive oil. Top your whipped Feta with them and sprinkle on some fresh cracked pepper and a drizzle of balsamic. Oh. My. Yum.
  • Figs (topping)
  • Watermelon and thyme (topping)
  • Mixed olives (topping or mix in)
  • Anchovies (topping)
  • Marinated artichoke hearts (topping)
  • Apricots, honey and pistachio (topping)

Really the only limit here is your imagination. ENJOY

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