The Way Kids See It… Changing the World One Small Step at a Time

“Mom. Ma. Mommy. Mother! Can I have this old shopping bag?”

She was going to make a ‘project’ – her general term for taping, stapling, gluing, and bedazzling nearly anything that goes unclaimed in this house. She scuttled off to her work room, the treasured old shopping bag in hand. I didn’t pay too much attention, figuring I’d have to put in my “ooohs” and “ahs” in an hour or so. When two hours had passed without the grand reveal, I figured it best to go see what she was up to.

My seven year old child sat on the floor, surrounded by well-loved stuffed animals, a small pile of clothes that had been waiting in our donation bin, a box of granola bars and a world map. She’d been putting together what she’d deemed a, “To-Kid-From-Kid” care package to send to the Philippines.

This was shortly after Typhoon Haiyan had hit. We have dear friends who immigrated from the Philippines. Their family back home was spared but the images of devastation and need hit closer to home for us because of this connection. She’d seen some of the news – we steered the kids away from most of it- and overheard me talking with a group that was putting together donations. The kid wanted to do her part.

Children go about their lives with a different set of eyes than most of us adults seem to have. They don’t see hurtles that would keep them from moving forward, helping, having an impact. They see something to jump over, run past or crawl under. The idea that they can’t do something is simply not as powerful as their imagination, ingenuity and optimism. What a different would we would live in if we could see the world the way kids see it.

When Unilever shared that video with my family, our kids really connected to it. Our nine year old pointed out that they use their Charity Piggy Bank to help give food to hungry families in our area, just like the kids in the video. That was a proud mom moment.

It also got me really excited about sharing with the kids that we’d be joining Unilever’s Project Sunlight this summer. You can too! 

“We believe we can create a brighter future for our children. See the possibilities and get involved.”

Project Sunlight has an activity that suits every family. Become your own Farmers Market – growing tasty treats and reducing waste. Go Green, with recycling and upcycling projects that are fun for the kids to do and have an impact too. Encourage your child’s limitless creativity with Kids’ Ideas for a Brighter Future.

Our family has chosen to take on the One Ingredient Five Ways challenge. Getting the kids involved, we’ll be looking for creative and tasty ways to use  EGGS in a week of meals. Okay, we might be at an advantage here, being that we’ve just welcome Princess LAYah and Amy Farrah FOWLer to our backyard.

em and amy

Really though, any ingredient can be part of your challenge. Why just one? Well, when you expand the ways that you eat, and the techniques you use to cook, you impact your world by stretching the life and use of your food, saving you money and helping your family see food in a new light.

So, dish!

What one food could you eat five ways in one week? I welcome any EGGseptional ideas. <–see what I did there? Feel free to leave links to recipes you love, Pin Boards that have you drooling, or just comment on what you’d eat.

Follow along with the fun online with #BrightFuture. Get the kids involved too.. it’s FUN!


While this post is part of a sponsored campaign by Unilever Project Sunlight, my family is excited to share their honest opinions and experiences with you and your family in the belief that we can all positively impact our world.


17 thoughts on “The Way Kids See It… Changing the World One Small Step at a Time”

    1. Peter would eat nothing but sausage for breakfast if I let him. I have a feeling he’ll be voting for your recipe Jenn!

    1. Emily LOVES her girls! I had no idea they’d make such great pets. We’re RENTING them. Seriously! They are so easy to keep, just a little clean-up. No more than cats and last time I checked cats didn’t lay eggs. Chickens FTW!

  1. Every year for Ostara we try and make these: Scotch Eggs.

    It is like a heart attack in a ball form, but I LOVE them. They can be spicy with the cooling of the egg inside, winner, winner!

    Now, if I am out of the house I LOVE Eggs Benedict. I had some up in Estes Park in February but it was a salmon with Eggs Benedict. Oh my… so yum!
    Suzanne Bastien´s last blog post ..Denver Botanical Gardens – Free Summer Classes

    1. Scotch Eggs make me drool. They are one of the things I miss about my pub days in Europe. Being a vegetarian now I found a tasty version at a pub here in Baltimore. I’ll have to search for that recipe! Our teen daughter will fight you for Eggs Benedict.

  2. I love, love, love seeing the chickens on Facebook. What an awesome challenge. I don’t have any ideas on eggs…our family is not big on them but I would love to see what you come up with in another post.

    You are the coolest mom evah!
    Barb´s last blog post ..Jawbone Up24

    1. Maybe I can find some recipes that will get your family into eggs too Barb. You’ll have to come visit the ladies. I’m so amazed at what great pets they are!

  3. Yep our family is like Jen’s. The older kids get up and make crazy breakfast burritos. Cecilia bakes. And Alex is perfecting his juggling with raw eggs. I have encouraged that because it gets him mopping the kitchen floor once a week.

    All the kids love projects that have a positive impact on the world. Thanks for bringing this campaign to our attention.

    1. ooh.. maybe I’ll give my kids some store bought eggs to juggle. My floors are in dire need of a mopping!

  4. How awesome! I’m not a huge fan of eggs. They have to be basically clinging to other things, like cheese and bacon and potatoes. That said, we do love breakfast burritos at our house! My kids like eggs a lot more than I do, so they eat scrambled egg burritos all the time. It’s my go to breakfast, lunch, and snack for all of them!
    Laura @ Housewife Hellraiser´s last blog post ..Calabacitas – Yummy Squash Recipe!

  5. I could certainly make an egg dish for my family every day of the week–they love eggs! I would also love to eat a big bushel of vegetables every day too! I wish I lived in an area that was not so hot, so we could grow our own veggies etc. too!

    The photos are not pretty, but this is a family favorite, Brushetta Eggs Benedict:
    Julie Cohn´s last blog post ..Eight Tips to Stay Safe While Traveling

  6. I’m with Laura…not a huge egg fan, unless they’re scrambled with a bunch of cheese or hard boiled with salt. I’m not a great cook and can’t imagine anything I could serve five days straight five different ways other than chocolate. Like, serving it up straight, on top of graham crackers, chopped up into my ice cream…I could go on like Forrest Gump’s pal did about shrimp. If you find a chicken that can lay chocolate eggs, I’ll take him!!
    Desiree Miller (@DesireeMiller)´s last blog post ..What New Dads Need To Know When Baby First Arrives; Father’s Day Advice From New Moms

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