it doesn’t have to be October

Here in Maryland the fiery glow of early fall is giving way to tobacco hued piles of fallen leaves. The color of autumn is starting to fade. Soon the pink of Breast Cancer Awareness month will start to pass into memory as well. 

There will be fewer pink-clad products on the shelves at stores and NFL teams will take back their home colors. Profiles of courageous warriors will get less airtime, the media move on to the next month’s story.  Breast cancer won’t be going anywhere though. It will still be stalking millions.  It doesn’t limit itself to October and neither should you.

Sharing my story, and Tami Scovitch’s, earlier this month was just the start of the journey. There are still many paths to be taken.

Unless you’ve been off the planet all October long, you’re pretty aware at this point that breast cancer is out there. The challenge now is to stay aware, keep ourselves educated, follow early detection recommendationsand fight for a cure!

I asked the folks at Saint Agnes Breast Center to give me some information to share that help us all take the awareness October has brought and turn it into action. Here is what they shared…

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Saint Agnes Facts

 Remember, it doesn’t have to be October for you to take care of yourself and those you love.

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