10 Things NOT to Expect When Your Teen Visits for Holiday Break

With Winter Break 2015 just around the corner, I thought I might dust this post off as a reminder of what I should NOT be expecting this time around. Then again, maybe since he’s no longer a teen there may be hope. Yeah, no.

It’s been seven months since Not-So-Little Nugget #1 left the nest. In some ways the missing him got better with the passing weeks, starting with less laundry! Most of that progress was erased by the approach of the holidays. So I did what needed to be done… I bought him a plane ticket home for Thanksgiving. He has been home for a week and a half now and I’ve gained some perspective. Let me lay some wisdom on ya, Nuggets style!

Do not expect

  1. Them to arrive with clean laundry in their suitcase. Seriously, who packs dirty socks? That is just gross!
  2. That they are no longer nocturnal. Noon remains an acceptable hour to wake up.
  3. Them to eat like a guest. Somehow they retain their penchant for foraging through your fridge, eating at will, with the door open.
  4. That they won’t still text you several times a day, even when sitting three feet from you on the sofa.
  5. That they’ve remained somehow frozen in time, on the day they left you. You won’t be getting back the same person, they’ve grown in ways you didn’t know they could.
  6. That their friends won’t have a clue they are home and leave you with days of uninterrupted family time.
  7. That they’ve outgrown bickering with their younger sister.
  8.  Them to miraculously want to help out with the dishes.
  9. That you can hold it together in the terminal when you see your baby emerge from the crowd.
  10. That you won’t start counting the hours until they’ve been taken from you once again, leaving you the mess you were months ago.

This parenting gig just gets harder as they grow. WHY was that information NOT in the manual?!




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