Top Tips For Visiting Sesame Place (a guest post)

Top Tips for Visiting Sesame Place in Langhorne, PAOne of the things I love most about travel blogging, and writing, is connecting with people who share my passions; food, travel, giving back, and helping others make the best off all those things.

When one of those people does me the honor of agreeing to share their insights here on my blog… hello, Awesome! Today I’m thrilled to welcome Shobha George, author of the brilliantly written, muse worthy blog, Just Go Places.  Sit back, relax, and take notes as Shobah shares her Sesame Place tips. 

If you have a toddler then you know all about Elmo.  Not that there is much to know – just that Elmo loves you.  And, he will tell you repeatedly that he loves you. 
I have had the dubious pleasure of raising two Elmo addicts myself.  Luckily they are now recovering from their love of Elmo and his theme park, Sesame Place (although I still have flashbacks).  
My parents live near Sesame Place in Langhorne, Pennsylvania.  Every summer when my children were younger, we would spend a large chunk of our summer at Sesame Place.  My children LOVED Sesame Place. I enjoyed making them happy (helped feed my martyr mother complex).
Here are my top tips for surviving Sesame Place.
  1. Get there early when the park opens at 10 AM.  Otherwise the line to get into the park gets really long.  Plus you can keep your car closer to the park entrance without paying for the VIP parking.  Regular parking is expensive enough and not usually included in your theme park ticket itself. 
  2. In the morning, head to the right side for the amusement park rides such as the tea cups and flying rides. When it gets hot later in the day, you’ll want to be on the water rides.
  3. For an under-5 theme park, Sesame Place does not have a lot of shade.  I would suggest you go to the beach area and get yourself a beach umbrella and set yourself up for the afternoon.  Bring buckets and spades for the kids to play.  The beach is also conveniently located in the middle of the water area, right next to Ernie’s Waterworks (the sprinklers) and the lazy river.
  4. Sesame Place gets really crowded in the summer.  The Philadelphia summer camps visit en masse to this park.  If you can, I would go in the morning, get your hand stamped so that you can leave around lunchtime and then visit again in the late afternoon when the crowds have dissipated and the sun’s intensity has lessened.
  5. The evenings are great at Sesame Place.  In the summer, it’s still pretty warm in Pennsylvania in the evenings.  You will definitely be able to enjoy the water park area but without the crowds.
  6. The Sesame Place parades are really fun! The participants are really enthusiastic and seeing the Sesame Street characters is a real treat for young children.  I will never forget my daughter’s face when Elmo shook her hand.  She had such a look of adoration which I doubt I will see again unless I got her Taylor Swift tickets.  Unfortunately, the Taylor Swift tickets in London are going for £350 (about $525) a ticket so that’s not going to happen.
Top Tips for Visitng Sesame Place - a Guest Post from Just Go Places
Any children over the age of 5 will find Sesame Place a bit tame.  I personally think Hershey Park is a better theme park because it is larger and cheaper.  Of course, though, you don’t get the Sesame Street characters.  
I’m going to start my second round of Sesame Place visits this summer because my toddler niece has started her Elmo obsession.  My kids and I can step in occasionally to give my brother and his wife a break.  After all, that’s what families are for.  That and having a good chuckle as I drop an overtired, overexcited toddler off at home as I drive away.
Shobha blogs at about family travel. Be sure to stop by and say, “Hi.”

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