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Join the conversation at (cool) Progeny, support Baltimore and show that we can #BeMORE
Join the conversation at (cool) Progeny, support Baltimore and show that we can #BeMORE

Like millions of others I was glued to the TV yesterday watching events unfold in Baltimore. I was also waiting for my husband to get home from his office in the heart of Baltimore I found myself fielding questions from family and friends across the globe, and talking through the surreality of it all with friends in the city.

Then the phone rang. Schools were canceling all bus service into the city, including Emily’s field trip to the symphony tomorrow.

For the first time since we moved to the suburbs of Baltimore 12 years ago, I feared the city I’d come to love.

Today I woke up in a turmoil of mixed emotions ; heartbreak, anger, bewilderment, fear, and some I don’t even have words to describe. In fact, I find myself at a total loss to understand this, to find a way to move forward with anything that feels remotely effective. 

Again I join millions watching Baltimore, searching for answers, wiping away tears. Wisdom can often found in the oddest places, and sometimes when you need it most. Today it was delivered by George Takei.

“My heart aches for the City of Baltimore, which saw riots following the funeral of 25-year old Freddie Gray, who died while in police custody due to severe spinal cord injuries.

As a Buddhist and a follower of the teachings of Gandhi and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., I both understand, but cannot condone, the violence that has erupted. I have no easy answers for either those enraged by the continued racial injustice, or those appalled by the violent rioting and looting the whole world is seeing.

Many say there can be no peace without justice, but so, too, can there be no true justice without peace. The riots must end before any progress can be made; progress must be made so that riots have their end.

What none of us should do is remain silent or indifferent. Tonight and in the coming days, hold your children, your families, your loved ones. Talk to them, and your friends and co-workers, about your feelings and theirs, and understand the passions that underlay them. All of us in our own way care deeply about both the symptoms and the manifestations of this disease that plagues our nation and indeed the world. To recognize this shared desire for both justice and peace is the first step towards both.”  ~George Takei

If you’re in Baltimore and looking for resources, just looking to help, or in search of someplace to talk things out, please visit (cool) Progeny. This digital magazine serves as a resource for Baltimore families in good times — and hard. I am proud to be a contributor and grateful for this place to gather, share, and begin to heal.

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