Regrets… I’ve Had A Few #SwitchersRemorse

“Regrets, I’ve had a few. But then again, too few to mention…” ~Frank Sinatra

Oh sure, he only had a few. I’m not buying it Frankie! We’ve all got regrets, I’d wager plenty of them. In my case, far more than I maybe should mention. Like that time in 7th grade I thought I could pull off the Farrah. The Farrah - Switchers Remorse

Yeah, not so much… and my gawd why would any responsible parent allow a child with a forehead that epic to sport a middle part?!

I’d also have to say that I deeply regret the time that I stopped to warm myself – in a towel, post shower – by the wood-burning Franklin Stove in our family room. Who knew the towel would fall? Or that 3rd degree burns on one’s posterior would be far less uncomfortable than having to sit on an inflatable pillow {typically reserved for severe cases of hemorrhoid inflammation in the elderly}  in your 5th grade home room for a month. 

Here is another one; not listening to my inner three-year-old when I hit my teen years and my friends convinced me to go say, “Hi” to the Mall Santa. Though, that regret has spared my kids many an awkward holiday photo.

Not listening to your inner 3 year old - Switchers RemorseSee Frankie, I’ve already gotten through a few regretful moments, and we aren’t even past puberty. I’m starting to question the authenticity of those lyrics, Mr. Chairman. “Too few to mention…” my burnt butt!

Heck, I’ve got nearly endless regrets when it comes to hair alone. The Farrah. The High-Low. The Berlin. The Rachel…. THE SIDE PONY! 

The Side Pony - Switcher Remorse Regrets are what makes life interesting, if you ask me. If we never tried something new {or that latest – regrettable – trend}  and failed miserably at it, how would we ever appreciate the moments of triumph? Or those even more rare, good hair days? 

When that final curtain starts to draw, I want to know that I’ve lived a life that was full of regrets turned into belly laughs, wild stories, and wisdom gained to pass on.  To sit, surrounded by family and friends, and laugh about a life well-lived, THAT will be doing it my way.

Disclosure: As a member of a very cool team of influencers for Verizon Wireless I’ve received compensation to think of moments in my life where I made a change (or wish I had – oh, that hair) and share my story with you. #SwitchersRemorse

2 thoughts on “Regrets… I’ve Had A Few #SwitchersRemorse”

  1. wow Lara what a fun post to read! I am 100% with you on regrets making life interesting – and certainly also agree with the Mall Santa – ewhhhhh!!!
    thank you for sharing your stories xo

    1. If we never had a regret, we’d never know how good we’ve got it. Right? Thanks for stopping by!

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