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Sunset on Baltimore - travel musings inspired by instagramInto the life of even the most afflicted travel junkie a little stuck-at-home time must come. To envy the people out there who’ve taken the plunge into a location-independent lifestyle is only natural.  In real life though, not many of us -especially we of the parenting variety– are able to do more that wax philosophical about living the wanderer’s life.  While we wait for our open ended ticket around the globe it’s fun to get inspired by Instagram. 

The first stop on any of my daydreaming junkets always begins with Skimbaco, both the account curated by founder and CEO Katja Presnal,  and the hashtag. Each Thursday afternoon I add #IGTravelThursday into mix along with a good cup of coffee {life is far too short for crappy coffee!} and my laptop. No matter where I am that day I can “travel” the globe, if only through WiFi.  Frankly, if I didn’t schedule this time I might never do anything but surf Instagram for travel inspiration.  Heck, the two hashtags alone have over 58,000 amazing photos of places I long to be.

Come “travel” with me through the lenses and adventures of some of the Instagram accounts that inspire me most.


Cacinda has an eye for capturing points of view that most might miss. I love traveling the world through her eyes. I imagine festooned members of gilded age aristocracy descending this winding staircase in Latvia. 


Elena travels with a passion for life that translates into every picture she posts. She truly lives life to the fullest and her Instagram stories welcome you to do the same. She’s currently readying herself to climb a volcano in Chile and I can’t wait to follow along!  


Cheryl is a Canadian expat living in Berlin who captures images with what is clearly a wandering spirit. This photo taken in Prague looks to me like F. Scott Fitzgerald should be driving Zelda around in that car.


Featuring #Prague on my Instagram account this week. Photo 1 – tourists being driven around in a classic car.

A photo posted by Cheryl Howard (@cherylhowardblog) on


Reeta Laaksonen is one of my favorites! If ever I feel in need of a holiday in the English countryside, I stop by her Instagram page. Beyond the gardens and brick facades though, she takes you on picturesque journeys around Europe.   


Yet another glorious Autumn day in England 💗 A photo posted by Reeta Laaksonen (@houseofanais) on


If ever I had an adventuring alter ego it would be Satu Vänskä-Westgarth. Camping on the snow back in Greenland? Yes, she’s done that!  Is it any wonder she’s an award winning blogger? Nope


It’s been busy days at the office at @50degreesnorth lately. Greetings from Greenland! #50degreesnorth

A photo posted by Satu Vänskä-Westgarth (@todestinationunknown) on


What boundaries, indeed. Cheryl and Lisa have brought me face-to-face with lions, taken me to amazing libraries {my favorite places in all the world}, made me drool over amazing food, and best of all brought me back to one of my favorite cities in the world… New Orleans!


There’s just something special about #NewOrleans 🎷 A photo posted by What Boundaries (@whatboundaries) on


If ever an Instagram handle said it all, A Cork, Fork, Passport certainly does. What I love most about Julie’s grams is that they really convey the person behind the account. She jumps into life, tastes it, drinks it in, and explores in a way that is approachable and engaging.  From her photos alone it’s easy to tell that this is a person you’d love to travel with!


Come travel with us, get inspired by Instagram and dig deeper into the stories behind the “grams” from writers who are sharing their #IGTravelThursday stories.

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