Craft Cocktails: Lilac Lucy

Craft Cocktails: Lilac LucyNot everyone is so enamored of the “PSL” {Pumpkin Spiced Latte} flavors that seem to have invaded everything from our coffee to beauty products. Um, PSL perfume… nope. While everyone else is overdosing on nutmeg, why don’t we savor the last of summer with a quick craft cocktail… or cocktails?

Heady aroma of lilacs and sweet basil, the Lilac Lucy was inspired by a summer trip I took to upstate New York. The town of Ithaca is unique unto itself. Part Germanic fairy tale looking, while also very culturally diverse with a great – almost hippy– vibe.  The food scene is phenomenal and there seems to be an artisan handcrafting everything from french pastries to spirits.

We so enjoyed our Glamping adventure at Firelight Camps that not only are we heading back for an autumnal adventure, we’ve also added a Firelight inspired craft cocktail to our original mixology dossier. Meet the Lilac Lucy, made with lilac infused gin from upstate New York’s Black Button Distilling.

Lilac Lucy

1 Part Lilac Gin from Black Button Distilling (Rochester, NY)
1 Part Saint Germain
2 Parts Lemon Lime soda (can substitute with ginger ale) 
3-6 Leaves Muddled Purple Basil
Serve on the rocks in a Mule mug. Top with a sprig of basil flower




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