Ireland Road Tripping (in pictures)

More than just about any other place in the world the Emerald Isle makes for a driver’s delight. Last spring I had the joy of driving my dad and oldest daughter from Dublin to Westport and back. Memories were made. Songs sung. Food devoured. A few unexpected detours taken.  Endless pictures taken Ireland road tripping.

Snapping photos is one of my favorite things about any trip. From monuments to meals, I take pictures of everything. Yes, it drives the family nuts — sometimes.

I harbor zero delusions that I’m anything more than marginally passable as a photographer.  In fact, there were times before the advent of smartphones and mobile editing apps, that i was famed for lopping off heads. The wonderful thing about Ireland is that it’s pretty much impossible to take a bad picture. It’s just that beautiful.

Deep greens, hauntingly beautiful ruins, even overcast days can’t cast a shadow on the beauty here. There is simply no better way to see – and photograph – Éireann than from it’s winding roads.

Ireland Road Tripping (in pictures)


We traveled the width of Ireland – from Dublin to Westport– in a quick five-day jaunt. The nice thing about this route was that it was certainly less traveled than say the Great Atlantic way in the north or the winding roads of the southern coast.

If this is your first time Ireland road tripping – or driving on the “wrong” side of the road– it’s a great place to start. Lots of history, cute small towns and villages, great if you’re in search of antiques and certainly picturesque. One thing I will say is that planning your stops for gas needs to be done in advance. There were a couple of times there that I wasn’t sure if we’d see anything but rolling green hills and sheep. There were also a few petrol stops that didn’t have gas. Gads!

Part of the adventure though is in the getting “lost” and seeing what you find.  It seems that nearly every town, village and county in Ireland has it’s own art and history. Getting lost in that was the best part of the adventure. That and trying to interpret pictograph road signs. 

Is road tripping something you enjoy? Where is your favorite place to roam?



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