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The Tao of The Nuggets

From time-to-time people (the ones who live in my head) will say to me; “Four amazing kids, awesome marriage, cool career, and a wildly popular (again in my head) blog, how DO you do it?”

To that I simply reply… The Tao of Nuggets. So what exactly is a Tao? Simple wisdom. A code. Tao roughly translates as “path” or “way”.  And the way of the Nuggets, reads something like this:

Like the moth to flame, dirty socks are drawn to the living room floor. No amount of reasoning will save the moth her life or the mom her sanity. Consider the socks as decor.

Attempting to reason with a teenager is much like trying to coax Shakespeare from a rock. Abandon such fruitless endeavors and seek reason in the Starbucks cafe within Barnes and Noble.

Upon every meal a little ketchup (or ranch) will fall. So cook what you like, they will simply drown their food anyway. 

Breathe deep. Let it go. Uncork it.

Life is a Story. Don't skip pages. The Tao of The Nuggets.

Life is a story told in moments. Don’t skip pages.

Always keep a bag packed. Be ready when your chance to runaway from home comes.

Plucking facial hair is Zen.

They are watching you. Don’t let them think that life is such serious business.


What’s your Tao?

First Step to Success? Showing Up: A Guest Post by Katja Presnal

First Step to Success is Showing Up
Guest post by Katja Presnal

I think many of us are now thinking about entering the $100,000 blogging gig by Cheap Sally, and I’m here to tell you, what’s stopping you!

Imagine it:
blogging from home,
by the pool or
from your favorite coffee shop
and making $100,000 next year?

The opportunity sounds amazing, yet some are hesitant to even apply.

I have this theory that you can have anything in life, you just can’t have everything (when it comes to things money can buy). I truly believe in the old saying if there is a will there is a way. We so often put our dreams on hold because we are not willing to figure out the way to get the things in life we want; whether it’s things we can buy, or things that make us happy. But you know what? You are in charge of your own happiness, your own life and your own success.

We so often see amazing opportunities and think “it would never happen to me”. I used to be one of those people too. Then I stopped putting myself down, and started taking risks and just giving it a try. Have a failed sometimes? Yes. But I have gained much more in life than I ever thought I could by just having guts to give it a try. This is why I don’t understand that when a great opportunity presents itself there are people who will not give it a try – worse that can happen is that they say no, what have you lost? Nothing. Think of all those people who audition at the reality TV talent shows and make it through, when you ask them how they are feeling standing on the stage, the answer is almost the same “I never thought I’d be standing here today”. But they gave it all they got and they made it through to their dream. The more you try, the more likely it will be you the next time.

Now, think what would you do if you were offered the Cheap Sally $100,000 blogging job (or insert your dream here) for next year – what would it mean to you? Where would you blog, would you be able to make some changes in your life? Keep that imagine in your head, and do not let it go away. Feed it like it’s your baby, print a picture of a beach where you could be sitting next year this time blogging and tape it to your fridge. Sure, there will be many others applying too, but if your dream, your image of your future is the clearest, your passion is the strongest, your determination to get the job is the biggest – I trust that YOU will get it. Now take the first step and apply.

If you haven’t heard about the contest yet:
Cheap Sally is a couponing and money saving website that shares over 20,000 coupons for dining, recreation, bills, entertainment, home maintenance, groceries and much much more. Over 400 new coupons are added to site daily and provide customers an average savings of 15%. Cheap Sally is looking for a blogger to join their team – virtually! – for the year 2012 to blog about deals and coupons for their site. If you have passion for saving money, you think you can be the next big name in frugal blogging and want to work from the convenience from your home, this might be THE opportunity you have been waiting for. Apply now, you have no excuses not to!

Guest post by lifestyle expert Katja Presnal of Skimbaco Lifestyle. Katja owns the Skimbaco brand and blog network. You can also find her writing for and she has been featured in Redbook, NY Times, Glamour and other publications. You can connect with her on Twitter @KatjaPresnal.

Nugget Hijack!

Yep, you read that correctly.  Your beloved @diPaolaMomma, Head Nugget in Charge around here, is not writing this post.  She’s gone off on vacation in beautiful Cape Cod, Massachusetts, and left us all high and dry.  So, rather than remain nuggetless for an entire WEEK, I’ve decide to sneak in here to share with you, her dear readers,  a juicy revelation I’ve just discovered.

This is my serious face...

(Who am I, you ask?  I’m Ri from over at Music Savvy Mom and The Music Mamas.  Lara’s a Music Mama too, and we’re tight, so it doubtful that she’ll shoot me for this.  I think.  I hope…)

So, anyway – she would have you think that she’s vacationing at the Cape because of its beauty, its history, its charm.  She’d say it’s because she’s spending a week with her family, building sandcastles and frolicking in the surf.

Yeah, well, I know better.  I’ve figured out why she’s REALLY there.  She’s a shameless fangirl.  She’s trying to find THESE guys:

Now, if you read this blog or follow her on Twitter or Facebook, then you know she’s a proud Potterhead – or whatever they call folks who would rather live in Hogsmeade than anywhere else on Earth.  Yes, she is an unapologetic fan of all things Harry Potter…therefore the information I’ve discovered about Harry and The Potters (the group you see above) explains everything.

These guys are FROM Massachusetts!  They had a gig in DC on July 19, and their next gig isn’t until July 28…IN MASSACHUSETTS!

…coincidence?  Not a chance. 😉


Disclaimer: The preceding, in ALMOST its entirety, is a complete fabrication.  Well, except for the part about Cape Cod being in the state of Massachusetts, and some other stuff. The TRUE part is that we miss your nuggety face, Lara, and hope you’re having a wonderful time! xoxoxo

Horse POWER!

So by now you know I’m a full-fledged Baltimore Chevy Girl. It’s been a blast so far. I can now give you more that 10 reasons why it’s good to be a Chevy Girl. Among them is a love story and a “space” odyssey. The epic tale of my Traverse tryst to a turn in the backfield two weeks ago when my love of horsepower crossed paths with my love of horses.

Did you know that I used to ride rodeo? Yup I actually own belt buckles upon which one could serve a four course meal. My first horse, Pepsi (don’t judge I was 9), was my first love. I’d go on to barrel race, team pen and eventually find my way to the paddock. I never raced thoroughbreds but I thoroughly loved them. In fact my study is decorated with photos I’ve taken at various race tracks.

My local Baltimore Area Chevy Dealers made a dream come true for me when they sent yours truly and fellow Chevy girl, the LOVELY Miss. Madeline Homes of Peace, Love, Lipgloss, to the 2011 running of the Preakness Stakes!

Of course there was room enough in the Traverse for THE Hat

Speaking of the hat, it was a beautiful -if as big as a boat- commissioned design handmade by Maven of Millinery Sallye May of Sallye May Creates. Sallye took my inspiration, the Maryland State flag, and whipped it into a work of art! It was the hit of the Corporate Village where it was featured on WBAL TV.

The WBAL TV Team, Madeline, Me and THE Hat

And found itself among flowers…


Why is that the oldest trophy in racing just feet behind me… yes, yes it is!

So the photo might not be that great but the time I had was (The DH even won!). I can’t thank my Baltimore Area Chevy Dealers enough for a day that was a dream come true!