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Trying on The New Glass Slipper: Cinderella Movie Review

Cinderella Movie Romantic Secret GardenI like my espresso with lemon peel, my books… paper, and my Disney princesses animated. Call me old school, a traditionalist, or just plain old… I know what I like, and how I like it. Or, I did. Here is our review of the new Cinderella movie.

Being the diehard fan of classic Disney, Maleficent fell a bit short for me and I wasn’t in any rush to pay fifteen dollars to see Cinderella. Even my daughters weren’t particularly piqued by the previews. Though the teen was enamored by the elusive {s in out-of-stock-everywhere and going for a 300% markup on eBay} Cinderella themed line of cosmetics at MAC. 

Then a “Royal” invite from Disney hit my inbox and all that sticking to ideals stuff few out the window. What girl can resist a wax sealed invitation to the the ball – even a digital one? Not me. Or my daughters. So we pulled out the chest of party dress and headed out to a private screening of Cinderella.

Cinderella 2015 The Magic of Disney Returns

There was Footman, The glass slipper, even a royal Blue Carpet rolled out for the occasion.  All were pale in comparison to the story that unfolded on the screen.

We. Loved. It.

The expected magic of a Disney film comes to life in a story both familiar and new, with gorgeous sets and stunning costuming. Ella’s happy world, filled family, love and farmyard friends, comes to a tear jerking end when her mother takes ill.  Before her mother slips away she shares a secret with her daughter – one that really resonated with the mom in me.

“Have courage and be kind.”

Ella lives by these words, through the heartbreak of her father’s death and the trials of life to come with her Wicked Stepmother (portrayed to skin-crawling perfection by the indomitable Cate Blanchett – I really loathed her) and gaudy, obnoxious… hilarious, Stepsisters. She continues to be kind, have courage in the face of hardship, and believe in magic – as evidenced by her relationship with the house mice.


I can’t tell you how thrilled I was that Gus {Gus Gus} was still in the story. He was always my favorite! Sure they turned Jacques into Jaquelin, but even that worked to tie in the theme of a courageous and kind female character.  I missed Lucifer having a bigger role, but he was there too. Lucifie!

My girls and I laughed, and cried. We swooned over the handsome prince, cheered for the triumph of kindness over cruelty, fell in love with the wise King. There wasn’t a thing I could find to dislike – and believe me, I tried.  Nonso Anozie as The Captain was my absolute favorite. He was gallant, funny, and gave a performance that even eclipsed that of the amazing Helena Bonham Carter. {who can do no wrong, in my book}

Not one to bide with hyperbole – at least when it comes to movies… excuses for not working out, well that’s a different story – give Cinderella a full four pumpkins and an additional sprinkle of fairy dust for the stunning costuming. Do not wait for this one to come out on DVD, it must be seen in on the big screen to be fully appreciated.

Trust me, it’s well worth the $15 ticket and $20 small diet coke.

Some Princesses are tougher

 Disclosure: My family and I were invited guests of Disney for a private screening of the film as well as an event. I received no compensation for this review and all opinions are entirely my own – because you deserve nothing less!

Home-Ec 101

The year 1980-something

The setting: Mrs. What-was-her-name-I’m-too-old-to-recall’s Home-Ec 101 class.

She is imparting her wisdom about proper cleaning of an iron. I once again am staring longingly at football-star-dream-boat Lance H. sitting at the table next to me -who has no clue I exist- rather than soaking in this invaluable 411.  This pattern will repeat itself during pillow sewing, laundry sorting, baking basics and light switch repair. A wasted opportunity that will come back to haunt me -repeatedly- in later years.

Lucky for me – and those of you who were also hopelessly distracted by teen dreams in high school-  author, chef, fellow mom of four and all around GENIUS Heather Solos has our back. Her new book Home-EC 101: Skills for Everyday Living is an epiphany for anyone who has ever struggled with reducing laundry piles <–I live here rounding up the clutter <–what this can be done? Imagine my shock or even how to bake a pie.

mmmm pie

Heather imparts common sense along with reviving long lost arts such as on-the-fly fashion repair and proper “seasoning” of cooking gear. With titles like “Pantry Principles: Are You Ready for the Zombie Apocalypse”, “Wallpaper and Other Crimes Against Humanity” my personal fav “Shoes are NOT Hammers” she’ll have you whipping your pad into shape and laughing all the way. She even had a section on how to clean jetted bath tubs, a skill as yet obtained in this house without the aid of outside assistance. Watch out mold you’re goin’ down!

This book is really a revelation. It should be required reading in every bachelor pad, newly wed love nest and Home-Ec slacker’s house!

Want a copy? Well you can’t have mine! You’ve got a few options though. Order it from Amazon, grab it at your local Barnes and Noble or one lucky reader can win it RIGHT HERE! I’ll even be tossing in an Amazon gift card ($10 value) to get you started on that zombie prepared pantry Simply leave me a comment telling me what your biggest  Home-Ec challenge was. At random one of you will win a copy of the book.

Giveaway is open to US residents only. UNLIMITED entries! Closes at midnight Friday April 22, 2011. MUST have either an account via subscription to Chicken Nuggets of Wisdom or leave an email address in your comment so I can reach you.

Disclosure: I was provided a copy of the book to read. This review was my choice and all opinions are my own. The giveaway copy is coming directly from me, not Heather or her publishing company. I LOVE this book so much I’m forking over my own dough to share it’s genius!

Top Five…

Yesterday, while enjoying the waning moments of an off line weekend, I got the chance to take in one of my all time favorite flicks——>

I don’t know what it is about John Cusack, but the dude speaks to me. (yes I realize that perhaps this is something I should discuss with a professional) Of course I understand that it’s more likely the screen writers of the films he chooses to make. But he’s the vessel and I’ve sort of got a “thing” for him.  So there ya go.

Inspired by his character, Rob Gordon,  in High Fidelity today I bring you my…

Top Five people or media outlets I’d like to ghost blog for. Because really if you’re gonna dream kids, it better be BIG!

  1. Gabrielle Bonheu Quiet literally a “ghost” writing gig. This woman was truly a pioneer, poet and revolutionary. She has touched the life of every modern woman who has ever put on her pants one leg at a time. Her style was only out matched by her fearless independence and brilliance.
  2. Cameron Crowe This choice is pure voyeurism. I’d love to spend some time inside this man’s brain. In my humble opinion he is a freakin’ genius. Kerouac with a camera, he tells such rich stories. I often find myself getting lusciously lost in them.
  3. Rolling Stone Many, many, many reasons for this one. Not the least which would be to correct the egregious injustice of THIS album placing lower in the top 500 of all time list than George Michael’s “Faith”!
  4. Annie Leibovitz I’m one of the millions of Americans who suffer from the symptoms of being photographically impaired. I’d love to write for Annie (sure we’re on a first name basis) in hopes that I might find a cure for my cutting off of heads and mutating people into red-eyed creatures or shrinking them to the size of ants. If that didn’t work, it’s all good anyway. Who wouldn’t want to spend hours pouring over her American Music collection or ogle the proofs of her 2006 Vanity Fair pics that contain both George Clooney and Angie?
  5. Dooce This may seem an obvious choice. I’d beg to differ though. I’ll confess that, and don’t flog me for this, I’ve only read her blog a handful of times, if that. I read her book, “It Sucked and then I cried” last summer when I was still pretty much a bloggy larvae. I’ll further confess that I picked it only because it was written by “a” mom blogger not realizing it was penned by “THE” mom blogger. WHY would I want to ghost blog for her. Well because, as my husband put it this weekend, I “..just can’t get enough attention”. The comment volume alone would be intoxicating.

So Nuggetiers, what’s your Top Five? Be it ghost writing or adventure seeking (ugh jumping out of perfectly good air craft, NEVAH!) I’ love to hear about it.

RIP Lee "Alexander" McQueen

Not so FAB news Nuggetiers. The simply sublime Alexander (born Lee Alexander) McQueen has shed this mortal coil, moving on to adorn the heavens in beauty befitting the stars. I may not be able to fit into anything couture, save shoes, but being raised by artists I have an keen adoration for beauty and Mr. McQueen had an amazing way of translating the world’s beauty into wearable works of art. Anyone in doubt of that need simply to look to his work

With what seemed to be a light heart he took us fans of  fashion on a fun filled romp that fused his humble beginnings as the youngest of six children born to a taxi driver and social science teacher in Lewisham (London England) with iconic images of his art and of him snubbing runway protocol in Mickey Mouse and a Kilt

He gave us a fresh perspective on art and fashion that will forever be both iconic and uniquely HIM

Goodnight sweet muse you will be sorely missed.