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RIP Lee "Alexander" McQueen

Not so FAB news Nuggetiers. The simply sublime Alexander (born Lee Alexander) McQueen has shed this mortal coil, moving on to adorn the heavens in beauty befitting the stars. I may not be able to fit into anything couture, save shoes, but being raised by artists I have an keen adoration for beauty and Mr. McQueen had an amazing way of translating the world’s beauty into wearable works of art. Anyone in doubt of that need simply to look to his work

With what seemed to be a light heart he took us fans of  fashion on a fun filled romp that fused his humble beginnings as the youngest of six children born to a taxi driver and social science teacher in Lewisham (London England) with iconic images of his art and of him snubbing runway protocol in Mickey Mouse and a Kilt

He gave us a fresh perspective on art and fashion that will forever be both iconic and uniquely HIM

Goodnight sweet muse you will be sorely missed.