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Tuesday Tips & Titillation

Today’s tip is one I just learned about and tried out myself to jaw dropping results. Really, I was speechless. That alone borders on being a “call the church we might have a miracle on our hands” moment.

Do you have vinyl or linoleum floors? They are evil aren’t they? I swear I mop and in less than 2 hours there is something either sticky, icky or gross on the floor. In defense of the floor though, the fact that I have four kids, 2 useless cats and an aversion to house work MIGHT have something to do with that. It’s forever frustrating to me. Either the standard Spic n’ sPAINinthebutt or any one of the 247 other brands I’ve tried gets it clean but leaves it dull. Or I try to take the short cut and use Mop n’ BLOWS which generally leaves a nice shine but little patches of eww that I missed with the mop.

Enter my new BFFC(best freakin’ floor cleaning) trick. Grab a spray bottle, fill it 2/3 of the way with water then add a quarter of a cup of Ivory dish soap. ONLY Ivory though! I tried a few others and had to pry my shoes off the floor with each step, YUCK. Spray the floor with the solution and do a quick mop before you break out the bald guy cleaner. It kicks butt on the dirt. And after the “real” mopping I get both clean and shiny floors. Of course that’s assuming I get to the “real” moping. I’m sort of cool with just the Ivory trick, after all I know it’s clean and someone is just going to spill juice on it in 3.4 seconds anyway.

There is your tip and here is the titillation.. FREE and Sexy.. ooooh that sounds a bit naughty huh? Get your minds out of the gutter, geez! Today (Tuesday Sept 1st) become a Fan of Victoria’s Secret on facebook and get a coupon for TWO free panties! You’ll find the coupon under the “Secrets” tab.

Tuesday Tips & Titillation

Hey I DID IT! I’m posting on my schedule TWO TIMES IN A ROW!!!! (give me my small victories).

Well it looks like my post yesterday, though intended to, make you laugh (hence “Make Me Laugh Monday”) actually scared off a few followers. Oh well, ya can’t make em all laugh right?

On to the business of the day. Today is the BIG day for those of you who entered last week’s Piggy Paint glam-a-palooza;0} My lovely assistants (aka my kids) grabbed a name out of the hat box and that name was… drum roll please… Clueless Momma! CONGRATS! Get me your 411 so I can get you, your loot. Don’t forget NUGGET15 will STILL get you a nice discount if you want to grab ya some great safe nail polish AND support a mom owned business!

Today’s TIP:
Have lots of electronics collecting dust? Don’t pay big bucks for a static duster. Just use a dryer sheet. Yup a regular old dryer sheet. Not only will it get the dust it will leave a nice fresh smell in the room.

Today’s Titillation:
I’ll admit this is more of a FOR ME thing but guess what.. I’m a Featured Friend today at my bloggy buddy Cheapstake Mom’s pad. Sure she is my pal, the mind behind the Nuggetini, my partner in our soon to launch Etsy store and a great new Friday blog fundertaking… Drabby to Fabby Friday (no worries I’ll still be pitchin’ my fits I’m just going to try and bring you TWO fun things on Friday!).. she was also named a Blog of Note by Blogger AND featured on MSN for her Meatless Monday posts! Is she cool or what? I’m soooo hanging with the hip kids! You comming?

Tuesday Tips & Titillation (on Whatever Wednesday)

Thanks for hanging with me as I plugged my kid yesterday on the day this post should have run. I was just so UBER stoked I had to shout it from the virtual roof tops! Here you go with what should have run yesterday for “Tuesday Tips & Titllation”…

Welcome Nuggetiers, both fresh and new, and old and crusty. Today marks the first day of the new Nugget “schedule”. Of course I totally suck at scheduling so I’m starting the week off on a Tuesday as opposed to a Monday and I doubt this will be the the last time I screw something up. But I heart you, you heart me, we’re cool like that, right?

So I thought I’d start the new format off with both a tip and a titillation. I don’t know about you but I find free things quite titillating, TMI? Well at least I didn’t tell you about my affinity for a well formed earlobe. Consider yourselves lucky then, okay?

Today I bring you a great tip for those of us with girls. Mine are 7 years apart the oldest being 10. Well you can imagine that the youngest likes to be just like big sister. #2 is into nail polish, lip gloss and sparkly stuff these days. #4, in her adoration wants all the same stuff. The problem is, every time I paint #4’s nails she waits patiently for them to dry and then proceeds to chew the paint off.. EWWW! I had put the kibosh on her having painted nails, for fear she’d end up either jonesing for Sally Hansen or at the dentist getting Pink Passion removed from her enamel. UNTIL… I found PIGGY PAINT!

Just like their tag line says it’s “Natural as Mud”. Piggy Paint is a natural, eco friendly nail polish designed for fancy little (& Big) girls. Both the polish and remover are non-toxic and odorless, yet wear the same as traditional polishes. I did have to put an extra coat or two on mine. And I could probably use a good clear top coat for me, but they are right it was just as great for me as for the girls. Check out how cute they are!

#4 got to pick her two favs as it was her big THIRD birthday and we girls got our mani-pedi on

Two toned toes and pretty in pink fingers

#1 was beside herself at the color selections, Mac-n-Cheese Please, Dragon Tears and Girls Rule.. I think she’d wear them for the names alone! The tip here is that you can buy this for you and your girls. Double the use for the price and you can feel good about it being non-toxic, eco friendly and that you’ve bought it from a mom owned company.. and if THAT isn’t enough, get THIS…Tori Spelling had the gang from Piggy Paint over for her baby girl Stella’s Birthday

I have to admit, Tori & Dean is my guilty TV pleasure. Me the big fan of Jeopardy and History channel junkie, yep I dig me some artfully scripted “reality” TV. I blame Donna Martin thank you very much.

So for YOU my lovely Nuggetiers Piggy Paint is offering a $20 shopping spree for one lucky winner and a discount COUPON (oh how I heart the coupon!) for all of you. Here is what you need to do. Stop by Piggy Paint. Come back here and tell me two of your favorite shades (required for additional entries to count). Our winner will be chosen at random by my lovely assistants

and announced next Tuesday. You’ll get one entry for the “required” task, one for being a Nuggetier (following me, let me know you do in a comment), Tweet all about it (leave me a comment here, as I’m STILL not back up on Twitter!) and FIVE if you choose to buy something and use coupon code NUGGET15L which will get you 15% off and is good through October 31st (leave a comment letting me know you LOVED it and bought out half the stock!) OOOOOO there are some great Halloween themed colors too!

I hope you liked this, remember to stop back by all week and see what I’ve got SCHEDULED up my sleeve!