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Shopping, Sake and Pixie Dust: Disney WITHOUT the Kids

Is it any wonder that Disney –World, Land or any other incarnation–  is truly the most magical place on earth? After all, they’ve cornered the market on Pixie Dust and all the world’s Imagineers hang out there.

Just when I thought I knew my “Disney Magic” inside and out, they go and hit me with a “Jasmine” and show me a whole new world. A world with no strollers, where nap time is a choice rather than a self-preservation tacit and you can become a kid again with out a kid in tow.

Recently Disney hosted my family and I at the Disney Yacht Club Resort and in the parks at Disney World as part of the annual Animal Kingdom, a wondrous place transports you to several exotic locations around the globe all without having left Florida.

Here are a few of my favorite KID FREE things to do at Animal Kingdom;

  • Shop. Shocking I know, but not having a child begging for their 10th pair of Mikey Ears leaves you the freedom to really explore the shops and in the case of this park, the Bazaar-like kiosks and treasure filled outposts. Stunning holiday ornaments were on clearance! Tip: If you’re staying at a Disney hotel property, you can have your finds sent back to your room and not have to lug them back to your room.
  • Ride anything you want to and nothing you don’t. Expedition Everest… did that!
  • Slow down and enjoy the scenery
  • Eat, drink and be merry. The food choices when you don’t have to make sure there are chicken nuggets (obviously I’m used to this culinary caveat) are amazing. I recommend the sushi and sparkling Sake at Yak & YetiTip: Find out what time the parade hits the streets and make an advanced reservation with a table on the second floor near the windows. Here you can take in all the sites without being stuck in the crowd.
  • Let yourself go. Dance with the drummers, ride that ride three times in a row and really enjoy the magic!


Beautiful architectural details on a door in "Asia"
Beautiful architectural details on a door in “Asia”
Sushi at Yak & Yeti
Sushi at Yak & Yeti



Be a kid again and let the wonder take you over!
Be a kid again and let the wonder take you over!


A great video to embarrass the kids with when you get home is the BEST souvenir EVER!!

Disclosure: My family and I were provided accommodations and park admissions free or at a discounted rate as part of my participation in the Disney and Chevrolet sponsored Traveling Mom retreat . As always are my opinions are authentic and my own , because you deserve nothing less!

A Week OF Reviews (& swag too!)

Howdy Nuggetiers! Wow have I been MIA or what? Summer is really kicking this momma’s tail. Which is bad news when one considers we are only weeks into the gig at this point.

But I’ll drink buck up and do my best to make it out alive.

This week I’ll be playing catch up here at The Nuggets. I’ve got reviews and giveaways from Disney’s ToonTown, Hershey, SunSkinz, GlueDots and MORE!

Be sure you’re subscribed to the Nuggets, follow me on twitter.. and know the secret handshake.. because it’s gonna be EPIC! (okay so maybe not epic but at the very least it’s gonna be a great way to avoid another trip to the pool.. aka mom torture)

Fit Pitchin’ Friday: The Snowed in Edition

I think MORE than enough attention has been paid to Mother Nature over the last week. What is it with that woman? Really? She’s such an attention hog/drama queen. Enough already! Girlfriend might I suggest that you settle down a bit, stop dumping your crap on us and maybe hang out with some new people? Try the Sun, I here he’s a hottie.

I just can’t take it anymore. No one should have to be subjected to their OWN family for this long a period of uninterrupted time. If I have to make one more stinking cup of hot coco I’m going to go POSTAL!  What does 7 days trapped in a house with 2 toddlers, a teen, a tween, 2 cats, a useless reptile and The DH look like? We’ll I’d show you but those photos might be evidence in my defense when they start the insanity proceedings after I start flouncing about singing “All work and no play makes DiPaola Momma a dull Nugget”

But I guess it COULD be worse. (here is where you say “How much worse?”) I’ll tell ya how much worse…
Top 10 ways it COULD be worse…
somebody call Paul Shaffer (<—click the link peeps is sort of creepy cool) this is gonna be EPIC 
10. The power COULD have been out for 7 days preventing ALL 6 of us from showering & ME from doing laundry for ALL 6 of us.
9. My mother-in-law COULD have been visiting.
8. I COULD have been one of those dumb asses that DESPITE the squawking of nearly every media outlet in existence, decided to go for a leisurely drive.
7. This COULD  have happened in 2 years from now when #2 would NO DOUBT have been PMSing! 
6. I COULD have actually had tickets to the Disney Social Media Moms event at Disney world this week and NOT been able to go. (my sucking FINALLY paid off for me BONUS)
5. I could have no kids and been stuck at home with only The DH for 7 days, napping, drinking wine and being all romantical and junk… wait how would THAT be worse? (note to self send kids to g-parents in the winter NOT summer from now on, maybe you’ll get lucky)
4. I could have been snowed in with John Mayer and his stupid yap (what a dirt bag, Jen.. Jess WHAT were you thinking girls?)
3. The DirectTV (<— I heart them) could have gone on the fritz causing me to miss the thrills and spills of Survivor: Heroes Vs Villains and NOBODY should have missed that action! (old farts, hos and annoying men from Boston.. oh my)
2. I could have had NO internet access (I’m curl up in a fetal position just thinking about that one)
and the #1 reason this week could have been WORSE….
1. I could have been Peyton Manning! Classic choke there babe. I love ya but DUDE even Favre MIGHT have thought twice on that one.