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What do Goats do in Vegas?

Well I’m back and to be honest so much happened in Vegas that I just don’t know where to start or finish for that matter. So I guess I’ll start with the goat. Yep there was a goat at SITScation in Vegas. Not just any goat though one who wore chic little pink panties and enjoyed a little “play” time with some of the more grown up.. um.. toys.. from the swag bags. I’ll just let your fertile little minds run with that one. If you want more details though you can ask (as seen on the right) Nanny Goats in Panties. Mar

I was over the moon to meet up with my FAVORITE twerp (that’s my new twitter-ified word for persons I dig on twitter) Connie of Young and Relentless!!! And that HAWT momma on the left is Bobbi from Bobbi in La La Land. Me and Connie, we share an unhealthy obsession adoration of all things John Elway and coffeee. Plus ya  gotta dig a SITStah who is down for a little girl on girl action

Okay so I pilfered this image from Connie’s blog, lovingly though. I also got to meet the amazing Mrs. FussyPants, aka Alli Worthington also of Blissfully Domestic (pictured above) but hey I didn’t get any sugar! Well I did a little.. here…
Sugar Jones, and ME, yes I felt like a total groupie!
I tweet stalked the heck out of Toni of A Daily Dose of Toni for weeks leading up to SITScation. I must have asked her 2147 20 times if she was going to be in Vegas. I’ll tell you this, SHE WAS and SHE ROCKS! I got to sit with her and the MAHvelous Melissa of Multitasking Mama! Melissa might even agree to come do a guest post for us. So go bug the heck out of her until she can’t stand it anymore and caves in!
What did I learn at SITScation? Good question, for the most part I think I’m still processing it. I did learn that a group of girls can get together and do amazing things! Laurie Turk of Tip Junkie reminded me to think about all the things that we can do for each other. We can start by buying just one mom made item this holiday season helping to support each other and our families. Alli Worthington asked me to think about what my personal brand is, my first reply was DIOR, but then I realized that wasn’t really what she was getting at, this one is going to take me some time so I’ll get back to ya on that. Jessica Gottlieb reminded me of the power of the Prom Queen. Meaghan Edelistien of Spirit Jump moved me to tears and action with her story of beating cancer and going on to help others in their fight. Carissa Rogers of Good and Crazy welcomed me like a long lost pal and reminded me that friends can be both fast and forever.  Jenn of The Classy Closet has always been a bloggy icon for me and she has now inspired me to do my first VLOG (coming soon to a Nuggets near you). There are SO many more I’m forgetting but I promise that I’ll whip up another post all about them!
Then we have the girls behind the bash…

Of  SITS are just the cool girls you expect them to be. It was truly a weekend I won’t forget. And even with all the big hitters, bloggy super STAHS, great SITStahs
like my MD peeps here the LOVELY Too Fatties and ADORABLE  Pareting By Dummies (seen here taking a break from bringing sexy back with the likes of Justin Timberlake and Ciara!)
I was able to narrow this group of fabulosity down the single most insparational girl at the whole event, a true reason to travel from Maryland to NYC to Las Vegas to NYC and back to Maryland in the span of four days (insert drum roll here)

Seen on the right is Renee J Ross of Cutie Booty Cakes. She started blogging in July of last year just a few months before me. Her’s were among my first comments and I always looked forward to her words of support and humor. I’ve been missing her. Now I know where she is though and I’m SO proud of her that I can miss her less. She was a speaker at Blog Word Expo as well as SITScation. Renee travels all over the country these days talking about building your community online and connecting with others. I feel like she is my sister and she’s gone on to be a super star! And she got there by doing what most of us are or have been doing, just blog cruising, commenting, guest posting, putting herself out there to become part of a larger community. So fittingly I end this update on SITScaton by introducing you to Kristin from This is the Story of a Girl she is hosting a getting to know you link up on her blog that she calls
Stop by and meet somebody new!!
For my part I’ll be taking a break for the next week or so and getting back to my bloggy roots by visiting other blogs and commenting again. I started blogging to make being at home with only kids for company, less isolating. Along the way I got caught up in giveaways, ad space and traffic numbers. Don’t get me wrong all those things are great and I’m not going to just dump them entirely. As Jessica Gottlieb said “You don’t have to be THAT girl that sleeps with the first guy that asks you to the dance” meaning don’t jump into bed with every pitch you get. I needed that reminder! That said, I want to just step back from what I have been doing and cruise the blogosphere making more friends and bringing some saucy nugget style snark to the masses!
OH one last thing, I could not have made it to Vegas without the support (both tech and chick) from my favorite BBF (Bloggy Best Friend) Cheapskate Mom. Go say hi to her and meet her featured friend for the week, spread the bloggy wubbin’! Okay I know I just sort of dissed giveaways.. BUT Cheapskate and I are PROUD to be hosting and UBER giveaway from Bubbles Salons of over $150 worth of hair products and fashion from Cibu!
Remember to remind yourself why you blog and stay true to that vision, after all it IS cheaper than therapy (trust me I know). Also it’s not the size of the blog nor is it the number of followers, it’s the person on the other side of your screen that counts!

Win this Wednesday (in lieu of Whateverrrr cuz I’m sucking today)

I’ve got ZERO bloggy mojo coursing though the old noggin today. Maybe what I need is a salty, sweet, crunchy jolt of protein packed yummy bits. Enter the new Nature Valley Nut Clusters (slipped that in there on the sly didn’t I?). I do have to say that not a single crumb remains in this house. That all FOUR of my kids liked them is testimony to their groovy granola-esque goodness. Sure they are great, I dig them, but the funk I’m dealing with today is gonna require more than just nuts. I’m thinking something also packed with, caffeine, that say prevents bloating and cures lower back pain too.

Here is the deal gang.. wanna win this?

(thanks My Blog Spark and Nature Valley for the prize pack)

First make sure you follow me because superficial acceptance from strangers on the web feeds my need to be the center of attention. Tell me you do.. bada bing, entry ONE (required! So don’t just give me that “count me in” crap cuz I’ll bounce your butt like one of them Big Red Balls from Wipe Out!)

Want to up your chances? Tell me what drives YOU NUTS! After all insanity loves company! Contest ends 9/30.. sometime there after my lovely in-house randomizer (known as the fruit of my loins, TMI?) will pick a random nut-job…um name.. and I’ll announce it here for all the world (10 of you) to read.


Whatever Wednesday

I’ve made it to my 3rd day of posting on schedule. Heck at this rate I might end up having a clean house, organized closets and a life.. NOT! But hey a girl can dream right?

Today brings us, my darling Nuggetiers (both old&moldy and fresh&juicy) to “Whatever Wednesday”. And as the names sugjestezeses it’s all about whatever I want it to be about so there (neener neener). In the spirit of both my inner spoiled six year old and my lazy middle aged momma with absolutely no inspiration to write today, I present you with the following… monumentally Whatevvverrrr moments…

And for all you Nuggets working away from home.. this one is for YOU!


Oh Oh Oh, don’t forget today is the last day to enter my Oscar Mayer Lunchables Giveaway! Tomorrow, Artisan bread for less than $3 bucks a loaf, get “paid” to buy Glade and more.. Thoroughly Thrift Thursday YEAH!