Getting to Know ME!

The irrepressible Miss Monroe was once quoted as having said, “It is better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring”. This has become my mantra, live a life less boring by following the path of absolute ridiculousness.

I’m a mom of four, a professional writer, geek, dreamer, caffeine addict and have been known to sport toilet paper as a shoe accessory. My passions include art, music, couture and cooking. Oddly enough I couldn’t draw a stick person to save my life. Nor can I carry a tune if you give me a sack to put it in. As for the couture, I’m a shoe girl since that’s is the only couture I can still fit into. I’ve got the cooking part nailed though. Just don’t tell my culinary school instructors that my signature dish is a tuna fish sandwich on white bread with nacho cheese flavored chips crushed inside it.

Why “Chicken Nuggets” of wisdom? My life is over run with chicken in it’s many incarnations. And well frankly, and I believe most people agree with me here, anything is better when served up in nugget form, be it wisdom, wit or Brussels sprouts. What do I blog about? Anything I want, it’s my blog so neener neener. What advice would I give other parents? Learn how to make wine. It’s much cheaper than buying it and you can get about 80 bottles in a batch. Trust me, you’ll need it. Is there really such a thing as a Nuggetini? In the words of the wise Phineas of and Ferb fame, “Why yes, yes there is”. Have I had one? There are some things even I won’t try. What is a “Nuggetier”? Well since I was born in the generation between “Frankie & Annette” and “Justin & Britney” I’ve always felt cheated. So I decided to rip off pay homage to the clubhouse by calling anyone who feeds my obsession for adoration from strangers on the Internet, my Nuggetiers. Leave a comment and you’re in the club!

Welcome to The Nuggets, I hope I can bring a little “ridiculous” into your day.

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