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My theory on product reviews is much like my theory on play dates. Don’t bring the cool stuff unless you plan to share. In this case with my readers. That said, note to Tesla Motors: I will happily make an exception to this policy in exchange for the Roadster in Silver. The only other exception here is for books. I’m a voracious reader and need to feed that habit. 

Reaching out for press wondering what topics are most likely to fit in here? The best bet is something in the travel sphere. Here I can comfortably say I have some expertise.

I’d say I have a passion for travel, but that just falls far too short by way of explanation. Having lived in Spain for three years, and being infected with an incurable wanderlust, I’ve been known to uproot the family on a moments notice and head off to points unknown simply to discovery something knew. I firmly believe that travel is more than a vacation it is a responsibility. It teaches us, connects us and forces us to understand that we truly share one world, no matter where we live in it. I’ve contributed travel articles to USA Today, and online, several print outlets and have been a regular contributor to the TravelingMom network as Scenic Route Mom.

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