Three days before christmas my darling children gave to me…

A one way trip out of the gym for the day! In vision this scene.. standing on my yoga mat, my head between my legs in the down dog pose (not attractive I realize)…then I see the face of the daycare center girl and she is pointing at ME. The instructor asks her who she is looking for. And in the nice calm room she says “Mrs. DiPaola, her children can’t stay in the daycare center any longer today because they are being mean to the other kids”

I was mortified! Not only did I have to stop in the middle of class, clean up my mats and put on my shoes… I had take the walk of shame out of the class.

It seems #3 and #4 where playing, tag team siblings on the other three kids in the center today. I’ve been a member here for almost a year and this is the first time this has ever happened! And all the center director could say was “It’s probably stress because it’s so close to Christmas. But we just can’t have them bullying around other children”… OMG!!! Needless to say there were no cookies with lunch today and I’m wishing that the Santa email from my last post had an “I know you were naughty little brats” option!

SO I missed my sorely needed 7 minutes of meditation and didn’t get a full work out, now I’m cranky… maybe Santa will bring me some candy cane martinis!

Santa Sent and email

I have to send a shout out thanks to Rebecca over at My Crazy life with 4 Kids!
She posted a link to a personalized video e-mail from Santa. It was GREAT! Last night my three youngest kiddos got their e-mails from Santa. Never mind that I got my youngest daughters age wrong!

Everyone has been up and about for a while now and #3 (my 4 year old son) has asked to see his email no less than 10 times already! The great thing about that is he would now like to know if Santa has anything “new” to tell him. Ha kids

I recommend you check out the site, it’s lovely. Merry Christmas


Oh, it is from MSN Canada.. so you can’t add your state but it still does the job

Mom’s FREE movie night

I know you’ve been shopping, shipping, wrapping, baking, cleaning and all the FUN things that come along with the holidays for mom. It’s Friday night, you’ve got a big week ahead. So why not grab some great frozen pizza for the DH and kiddies(yippee, no cooking) and a FREE movie for YOU. Maybe a nice appletini and lock yourself away. If you have a Giant store in your area here is the deal. Buy any two Red Barron products and get a free RedBox DVD rental. We’ve all seen those RedBox kiosks right.
A coupon with the redemption code will print with your receipt. You’ve got to buy the two products in one transaction. OH, there is also a coupon out there for .75 off Red Barron Pannini! EVEN BETTER huh?


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